Behind the Scenes of Andy Cohen’s Talk Show:

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Behind The Scenes of Andy Cohen’s Talk Show: A Look Into How The Magic Happens

Andy Cohen is one of the most well-known and beloved television personalities in the world. From hosting the hit TV show Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen to petting his beloved pup Wacha, Cohen has a particular swagger that millions of fans can’t help but love. But what goes into the creation of his talk show? What goes on behind the scenes to make Watch What Happens look as amazing as it does? This article will deconstruct the process for curious fans, giving you a sneak peek into what it takes to make the show happen.

What Does It Take to Put On a Talk Show?

Putting on a talk show like Watch What Happens Live! is a big endeavor requiring a lot of planning, preparation, and coordination. Here are some of the primary components that come together to make an episode of the show a reality:

  1. Pre-Production: This is the first step of the process. During pre-production, the budget and objectives of the show are determined. Schedules are made and a list of necessary equipment is created. The production process is kicked off with a “call sheet” that outlines who needs to be where and when.

  2. Scripts: Once pre-production is completed, the writing begins. Cohen’s team of writers creates scripts and talking points for his interviews and appearances.

  3. Rehearsals: Once scripts are finalized, rehearsals start. This process is key to make sure everything runs smoothly when the cameras start rolling.

  4. Production: During this phase, the cameras start rolling and the recorded footage is edited and cut.

  5. Post-Production: After the production phase is completed, the episode enters post-production for further editing, music selection and sound designing, as well as color correction and mastering so that the show appears clean and professional.

The Role of the Production Crew

While the talent on the show is a big part of the equation, it wouldn’t be possible to create an episode of a talk show without the hard work of the production crew. The following are some of the important roles the members of the production crew play:

• Director – Responsible for making sure the filming process goes smoothly and according to plan.

• Producer – Responsible for overseeing the production process and making sure everyone is following the scheduled plans.

• Camera Operators – Responsible for operating the cameras and making sure the shot is framed correctly.

• Sound Operators – Responsible for setting up and placing mics and other audio equipment.

• Electricians – Responsible for setting up the lights and making sure the set looks illuminated with no shadows.

• Set Designers – Responsible for making sure the set looks the way it’s intended to look.

• Make-up and Hair Personnel – Responsible for making sure the talent looks their best when on-camera.

The Planning Process for Andy Cohen’s Show

While it’s easy to get lost in the mystery of what goes on behind the scenes at Andy Cohen’s talk show, the whole process can be broken down into a few simple steps:

  1. Idea Brainstorming- First and foremost, the team creates an idea for the show, including topics to cover, potential guests, and overall vision.

  2. Guest List- The team then begins to create a list of potential guests for the show and various segments.

  3. Scheduling- Once the guest list is created, the team then contacts the guests to arrange the dates for the show.

  4. Script Writing- During this phase, the team of writers create the scripts for each segment, as well as writing out points for Cohen to use during his interviews and introductions.

  5. Rehearsals- Before the show kicks off, all of the guests and crew go through a dry run of the show.

  6. Production- This is the point at which the crew sets up the equipment and begins to film the show.

  7. Post-Production- The post-production crew takes the footage and edits, adds music, and enhances the sound and quality of the show.

Making an episode of Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen is a complicated process that requires a lot of preparation and coordination. Behind the scenes, it’s a flurry of activity as the production crew works hard to bring the show to life. But in the end, it all pays off when Cohen’s viewers get to enjoy the show each week.

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