Best Mystery Books of All Time

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Mystery books always fascinate readers because of the unpredictable twists and turns that keep them enthralled till the end. Whether it be a cozy mystery or a thrilling suspense novel, there is a mystery book for everyone. They challenge our perception of reality and make us question the events as they unfold. In this article, we look at some of the best mystery books of all time to get you hooked on the genre.

Agatha Christie’s Mysterious Collection 

Agatha Christie is the Queen of Mystery novels and her extraordinary writing has led to numerous adaptations. Her celebrated works have whetted several generations’ appetite for mystery stories. She continues to be the bestselling author of all time with her enthralling crime novels. Below are some of her best mystery books of all time.

1.Murder on the Orient Express
2.The Murder of Roger Acroyd
3.And Then There Were None
4.The ABC Murders
5.The Mysterious Affair at Styles
6.The Pale Horse
7.The Mysterious Mr. Quin
8.The Secret Adversary
9.Five Little Pigs
10.Death on the Nile

D. D. Ayres: A True Master Of Suspense 

Dorothy Linda Ayres, popularly known as D. D. Ayres, is a master of suspense. Her gripping thrillers involve intricate characters and a web of mysteries that unravel slowly and keep the reader guessing. Her novels are known to instantly hook the reader and leave them wanting more.

1.Point Blank
2.The Beast Must Die
3.The Stalking of Claribel Cone
4.Killer and Victim
5.Twisted Labyrinth
6.The Squire’s Daughter
7.The Cry of the Owl
8.Someone Watching
9.The Unsuspected
10.Dangerous Mask

Raymond Chandler: Compelling Detective Novels 

Raymond Chandler was an American novelist and screen writer who is known for his detective fiction. His characters were unconventional and his stories often revolved around a crime that needed solving. His works are gripping and full of suspense and intrigue.

1.The Big Sleep
2.Farewell, My Lovely
3.The High Window
4.The Lady in the Lake
5.The Little Sister
6.The Long Goodbye
8.Killer in the Rain
9.The Big Sleep
10.The High Window

Arthur Conan Doyle: A Name Synonymous With Mysteries 

Arthur Conan Doyle is the creator of the most renowned detective of all times—Sherlock Holmes. His stories are captivating and impressive, with their impeccable use of detail and perception. He made people fall in love with the detective genre and inspired a range of classic detective stories.

1.The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes
2.The Sign Of Four
3.The Hound Of The Baskervilles
4.A Study In Scarlet
5.The Return Of Sherlock Holmes
6.The Valley Of Fear
7.The Final Problem
8.The Valley Of Fear
9.The Adventure Of The Six Napoleons
10.The Adventure Of The Speckled Band

Dashiell Hammett: Unforgettable Stories 

Dashiell Hammett is renowned for his intriguing stories revolving around crime and detection. His mysteries and thrillers were ahead of their time and contained social criticism in a subtle manner. His stories are engrossing and introduce the reader to some of the most engaging characters and embroiled stories.

1.The Maltese Falcon
2.The Thin Man
3.Red Harvest
4.The Kennel Murder Case
5.The Glass Key
6.The Big Knockover
7.Nightmare Town
8.The Creeping Sienna
9.The Dain Curse
10.The House On Turk Street

Mystery books have a special charm and appeal that have fascinated readers over decades. From Agatha Christie’s classic novels to Dashiell Hammett’s narratives, there are many captivating stories to satisfy the reader’s appetite for mystery. We hope this list of the best mystery books of all time has whet your appetite to explore the genre.

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