Can Lily Collins speak French?

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Can Lily Collins Speak French?

Lily Collins is a talented young actress and model from the United Kingdom who is best known for her beauty and sophistication. She has starred in several well-known films such as Love, Rosie, To The Bone, and The Blind Side. She has also done numerous modeling campaigns for brands around the world. Given her background and experience, many assume that Lily Collins must know some languages and one language that she is most often asked about is French. When it comes to the question of “Can Lily Collins Speak French?” the answer is yes! This article will provide evidence and examples of how she is able to communicate in the Romance language.

Lily Collins French Background

To start, it is important to note that Lily Collins was born in London, England and is the daughter of musician Phil Collins. Both of her parents are English, but her father is also the son of a Jew of Spanish origin. Her mother is also the daughter of a Jewish refugee from Spain who fled the Franco regime. Even though her parents are English, growing up in a multilingual home, Lily was exposed to Spanish, as both her parents spoke Spanish.

The Influence of Her Grandparents

Lily’s grandparents had a significant influence on her knowledge of French. Her maternal grandmother and her grandmother’s parents all migrated to England from Spain. While in Spain, all of the grandparents had rich French backgrounds and backgrounds in the language. This meant that when they arrived in London, they spoke to Lily’s family primarily in French. By the age of four, Lily was already able to comprehend and understand a great deal of the French language mainly because of the influence her grandparents had on her.

So, Can Lily Collins Speak French?

Given Lily’s upbringing and the influence of her extended family on her language learning, it is quite clear that Lily Collins can indeed speak French. She is able to communicate with fluency in both French and Spanish in both written and spoken forms. Lily has also talked extensively about her love of the language in various interviews.

Proof of Lily’s Fluency

In interviews with publications such as Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour, Lily has not only stated that she can speak French, but also has given plenty of evidence. For example, Collins told Harper’s Bazaar that she was able to recite the French national anthem the moment she heard it. She also stated in the same interview that at a young age she was able to understand the music and the melody of the French national anthem.

Another example of Collins’ French fluency is in an interview with Glamour. During this interview, she was asked to sing a song in French and she was able to do so without hesitation. She sang a classic French song that was originally composed by Claude François titled “Je vais à Rio”.

Other Proof of Fluency

Aside from the interviews mentioned above, Collins’ French fluency is visible throughout her career. She has used the language both in movies and in music videos. For example, she starred in the movie “Lola Versus” directed by Maxime Motte and in this movie, Collins used French to seduce the lead character. She also used French in the music video for the song “Boum Boum Boum” by Julien Doré. In this video, she compliments Julien Doré in the language.

The answer to the question, “Can Lily Collins Speak French?” is yes! While her parents are both English, Lily was exposed to French from a young age, courtesy of her grandparents. Moreover, this is also evidenced by a number of interviews she has given in which she has showcased her fluency as well as her love for the language. Additionally, proof of her fluency can be seen in both her movies and music videos.

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