Elvis: Musical Biopics That Won Oscars

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Elvis: Musical Biopics That Won Oscars

Since Elvis Presley first made an appearance in the music world, he has become one of the most influential and iconic figures in rock and roll. His music has endured the test of time and made him one of the most recognizable figures in history. It’s no wonder, then, that his life has been the inspiration of several musical biopics that have gone on to win Oscar awards. Let’s take a look at some of these stunning musical biopics that highlight the life and art of one of the greatest musicians of all time — Elvis.

What Makes Elvis’ Musical Biopics So Special?

Elvis’ music has the power to captivate audiences of all ages and generations and his life is no different. Through the years, filmmakers have captured the stories behind the songs and the man who sang them. As with any biopic, there are challenges that come with telling a story about someone who is no longer with us. But for Elvis’ musical biopics, his music is a major source of inspiration and comfort, making the biopic an entirely unique experience.

The Classics

The musical biopics that have been created over the years truly reflect the special legacy that Elvis has and how he has managed to stay relevant even years after his death. Without further ado, let look at some of the most memorable and award-winning musical biopics, all about the life of Elvis Presley.

“Elvis on Tour”

“Elvis on Tour” (1972) was a documentary film that was released in theaters and follows Elvis as he goes on his summer tour in 1972. The film captures his charismatic presence, as well as the sheer number of fans that packed out those arenas. The movie was sent to the Oscars and won in the Best Music category for its score.

“This Is Elvis”

This 1981 rockumentary directed by Andrew Solt is an incredibly special one, not to be missed. The movie paints a critical look at Elvis’s life, ranging from his humble beginnings to the peak of his career, including his struggles and all the trials he had to face. The film was nominated for the Best Musical category at the Academy Awards and lost out to “Chariots of Fire”.

“Elvis: That’s the Way It Is”

“Elvis: That’s the Way It Is” (1970) offers us rare, never before seen backstage footage from Elvis’ Las Vegas show. We get a sneak peek at the preparations and rehearsals behind his iconic 1968 stand, as well as what happens during his off-stage life. The movie was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Music and rightfully so, as the soundtrack is classic Elvis peaked.

“The King”

Directed by Eugene Jarecki in 2017, “The King” looks at the life and work of Elvis Presley in a unique and yet incredibly powerful way. Through archival footage and interviews with eminent figures, the movie captures the inner world of Elvis, as well as how his art and life still resonates today. This movie was a big hit at Cannes, where it made its debut, and was later nominated for the Cannes Grand Prize. This movie is a must-watch to anyone who wants to get to know Elvis the musician better.

Legacy of Musical Biopics

It is no surprise that the life of one of the most influential and iconic figures in rock and roll history has been inspiring filmmakers for such a long time. From classic documentaries such as “Elvis on Tour” to modern-day biopics like “The King”, Elvis Presley’s life and music are still able to evoke strong emotions and draw large crowds in the 21st-century. His musical biopics serve as an important reminder of the legacy he left behind, one that will continue to be celebrated for years to come.

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