Euphoria: Top Times Maddy Deserved Better

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Euphoria: Top Times Maddy Deserved Better

Euphoria, the hit HBO show, follows a group of teens as they grapple with the complicated realities of growing up in the current digital age. In the center of it all is Maddy Perez, played by Alexa Demie. Maddy is a troubled teen, wrestling with psychological trauma and family life, while also trying to make sense of her self-worth and newfound identity as a teen.

Maddy is in many ways the heartbreaking heart of Euphoria. She makes bad decisions— but ultimately, it’s her strength and resilience that stand out. Despite being surrounded by chaotic forces, she shows quiet determination and strength. Still, it’s tragic that Maddy’s struggles have been overlooked, and she deserves more in terms of recognition and appreciation from both friends and family. With that said, here are the top times Maddy truly deserved better in Euphoria.

  1. When She Missed The Chance To Spend A Few Days In a Mental Health Facility

One of the most heartbreaking moments in Euphoria comes when Maddy must reluctantly turn down the opportunity to stay at a private mental health facility. She could have gotten the help she needed, but due to her financial situation, her mother’s unwillingness, and her struggle to ask for help, she ultimately isn’t able to go.

  1. When Her Father Ignored Her Struggles

Maddy’s father is perhaps the least sympathetic character on Euphoria. He’s unapproachable and cold, refusing to acknowledge her struggles and the reasons behind her need for help. With the exception of a few moments, Maddy’s father refuses to either recognize Maddy’s pain or step in to help her.

  1. When Her Friends Started To Take Her For Granted

Maddy’s friends always seem to forget about her when it’s convenient for them. Whether it’s leaning on her for support during tough times or knowingly taking advantage of her for her help, her friends fail to realize the detrimental effects it has on Maddy.

  1. When She Was Excluded From The Group Trips

Although Maddy is physically present in many of the group outings, she’s often left out of the conversation or forgotten about. It’s one of the greatest examples of how her friends don’t appreciate her and how they’re taking her for granted.

  1. When She Had To Pay For Lunch For Everyone

Maddy had already used up most of her allowance trying to pay for her father’s medication. However, when her friends asked her to cover their lunch bill, she couldn’t refuse even though it left her penniless.

  1. When Cassie Has Multiple Chemical Pregnancies With Chris

When Cassie tells Maddy that she’s pregnant and with Chris no less, Maddy’s feelings are understandably mixed. She’s scared and sad for her best friend, but her instincts also tell her that it isn’t a good idea for them to get married. Despite her impressive composure, Maddy ultimately doesn’t get the recognition she deserves for being a great friend.

  1. When She Has To Pin The Blame On Someone Else

In a heartbreaking moment, Maddy’s mother blames her for Cassie’s drinking and then kicks her out of the house. The look on Maddy’s face as her mother points her finger, for guilt that shouldn’t be Maddy’s to bear, is heartbreaking. It’s a pure example of how Maddy always finds a way to take the blame and suffer in silence, even when it’s not her fault.

  1. When Leah Abandons Her On The side Of The Road

When Maddy finally decides to ran away with her friends, Leah takes it as an opportunity to teach Maddy a lesson. She leaves Maddy, alone and terrified on the side of the road, then proceeds to drive away. Maddy’s left screaming and crying desperate for her friends, and it’s one of the most heartbreaking moments of the entire series.

  1. When She Was Threatened By Cal

In what might be one of the scariest situations Maddy ever finds herself in, Cal pointed a gun directly at her head. While he doesn’t end up pulling the trigger, it’s clear how traumatic the event was and that Maddy deserves better than to struggle with such fear and terror.

  1. When She Has To Deal With Her Grandmother’s Death

Maddy’s journey is full of sadness and tragedy, and she’s faced with yet another devastating moment when her grandmother passes away. She’s so distraught that she ends up passing out, and it’s a reminder that she could no longer turn to her grandmother for comfort and guidance.

Maddy Perez’s journey on Euphoria is a harsh reminder of the complicated realities of growing up. She’s faced with so much trauma yet refuses to give up on herself. Despite having so few people and resources, she’s faced each situation with grace and courage. Maddy deserves better, and here are the top times when it’s felt most poignant.

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