Genre Movies That Actually Won An Oscar

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Genre Movies That Actually Won An Oscar   

In the world of cinema, a film’s genre can influence the audience’s expectations, as well as its success rate. Movies that fit into a certain genre can often be seen as unlikely to win major awards, such as the Oscars. However, there are some types of films that continue to surprise us by taking home the gold. Here, we’ll be looking at the academy awards that were won by genre movies, from horror to comedy and beyond.

What are Genre Movies?   

A genre movie is a type of film which belongs to a certain film genre. Examples of genres include horror, science fiction, romance and comedy. Genre movies combine elements of the same type in order to create a distinct type of narrative. They are often identified by their storylines, visuals, characters and themes. For example, a horror film will be filled with suspense and dread, while a romantic comedy might incorporate elements of a traditional romantic story.

Which Genres have won an Oscar?   

When it comes to the Oscars, it’s not uncommon to see films from different genres being given awards. In fact, many of the genres within film have won an award at least once. Some of the most popular genres to have won an Oscar include:

Science Fiction:
Science fiction has been a popular genre since its inception and is known for its world-building and creative use of technology. It’s no wonder, then, that science-fiction films have won the Academy Award for Best Picture on multiple occasions. Examples include The Martian, Gravity and Blade Runner.

Action films are known both for their dramatic stunts and spectacle. While the genre isn’t always seen as heavily award-worthy, there are some action films that have won an Oscar. The most famous example is The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, with other noteworthy examples including The Hurt Locker andGladiator.

Horror is a genre that is often ignored by awards shows. That being said, a handful of truly top-notch horror films have nabbed an Oscar. Silence of the Lambs won Best Picture in 1991, while Get Out won Best Original Screenplay in 2018.

Romantic films are often seen as merely entertaining or fluffy. Yet, the romance genre has been represented at the Oscars numerous times. From drama-heavy romances like Moonlight and The English Patient to the good natured romantic comedies like As Good As It Gets and Juno, the genre has a proud history of receiving awards.

Comedy has won awards at the Oscars throughout the years, though the genre is often overlooked in favor of its more dramatic counterparts. But, comedy films, from The Graduate to Forrest Gump, have earned the Hollywood prize and provided much-needed respite to viewers looking for a lighthearted experience.

Genre movies have often been seen as unlikely to win awards due to their focus on genre-specific elements. However, this opinion has been changed in recent years with multiple genre films taking home the top prize at the Oscars. From science fiction, horror andaction to romance and comedy, genres have surprised us at the Academy Awards with their success.

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