Is Shay Mitchell a Filipina?

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Is Shay Mitchell a Filipina?

Shay Mitchell is a Canadian actress, model, and entrepreneur best known for her breakout role as Emily Fields in the Freeform drama series, Pretty Little Liars. She has since gone on to star in You (Netflix) as Peach Salinger and to host reality shows such as “Model Squad” and “He’s a Lady.”

Fans of Shay Mitchell often wonder what her heritage is, and many assume she is of Filipino descent. This article will explore the factors that lead to that assumption and discuss whether Shay Mitchell is a Filipina.

Shay Mitchell’s Background

Shay Mitchell was born Shannon Ashley Mitchell on April 10, 1987, in Mississauga, Ontario. Mitchell’s mother, Precious Garcia, is of Filipina descent, and her father, Mark Mitchell, is of Irish and Scottish descent.

Mitchell grew up primarily with her mom and her older half-sister Maddie, attending an all-girls private school in Toronto and later studying at West Vancouver Secondary School in British Columbia.

At the age of 10, Mitchell began an international modeling industry and signed with the Ford Modeling Agency at the age of 18. In 2009, she caught her big break as Emily Fields in the teen drama Pretty Little Liars.

Her most notable roles include her roles in:

-You (Netflix)
-Project Remembrance
-Mother’s Day
-Work It

A Closer Look At Shay Mitchell’s Ethnicity

Throughout her career in Hollywood, Shay Mitchell has never revealed her full ethnic make-up., Even during her time as part of the popular teen drama Pretty Little Liars, there was no mention of Filipino heritage.

However, media sources and fans have often assumed that Mitchell is of Filipino descent due to the fact that her mother is Filipina, and that she has exhibited characteristics and habits reminiscent of some Filipino culture.

For example, she often posts food and travel videos on her YouTube channel that involve Filipino recipes and destinations. Mitchell is also a fan of karaoke, a pastime that is popular amongst Filipinos.

Mitchell has also been seen displaying some hand gestures that are foreign to Western culture and making comments that are in the Tagalog language.

These factors lead many to believe that Shay Mitchell is, in fact, a Filipina, even if she herself has never explicitly stated her ethnic makeup.

The Ambiguous Answer

So, is Shay Mitchell a Filipina?
The answer to this question is a bit ambiguous. While Mitchell’s Filipino heritage seems certain and certain habits she displays on her YouTube channel are consistent with Filipino culture, she has not officially confirmed her ethnicity or expressed an acknowledgement of her Filipino roots.

She has mainly been silent on the topic, allowing fans and media outlets to draw their own conclusions about her ethnic makeup. Ultimately, it is best to respect Mitchell’s decision to not comment on her ethnicity.

Shay Mitchell has become a beloved actress, model, and entrepreneur, and fans around the world adore her. Many fans wonder what her ethnic makeup is and assume that she is of Filipino heritage due to her mother’s background.

However, while certain factors such as her mother’s background, her occasional display of Filipino culture, and her occasional use of Tagalog phrases suggest that she is a Filipina, Mitchell has never made an official statement about her ethnicity.

As such, only Shay Mitchell and her family are aware of her exact ethnic makeup, and it is ultimately her decision to make, regardless of what fans believe or assume about her heritage.

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