Nicola Coughlan: The Irish Actress

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 Nicola Coughlan: The Irish Actress 

Nicola Coughlan is an Irish actress who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her remarkable acting abilities and infectious personality. Most recently, she has found success playing the lovable and eternally optimistic Claire Devill in the Netflix series “ Bridgerton.”

Her Roles Before “Bridgerton” 

Before Coughlan earned worldwide recognition for her role in the hit Netflix series, she achieved success playing leading roles in many popular shows and films.

For instance, Coughlan is well known for her appearance in the hilarious BBC sitcom “Derry Girls” where she played the boisterous yet endearing character, Clare Devlin. Additionally, she held a prominent role in the Channel 4 drama “The End of the F***king World” where she starred as Roz.

In the big screen world, Coughlan played the role of “Annie” in the movie “Handsome Devil” and “Tara” in the 2015 comedy “In a House That Ceased to Be.”


After appearing in numerous acclaimed shows and films, Nicola stole the heart of the nation’s when she appeared on the Netflix adaptation of “Bridgerton” as young romantic Claire Devill. Throughout the series she appears as the self-assured, book-loving main protagonist seemingly eager to find her one true love. In many cases Coughlan perfectly channels the character’s impressionistic outlook and captivating quirkiness.

The immense success of the “Bridgerton” series has gaurentined Coughlan exposure and the platform to appear in various newspapers, interviews, and talk-show programmes. In addition to her stellar performance in the series Coughlan’s upbeat and joyful attitude has made her an even bigger success, with fans embarking on countless online campaigns in dedication of her character and performance.

Her other work
Whilst not on the set for “Bridgerton,” Coughlan continues to make a name for herself with various other roles to her name such as the much-loved Dr. Bernice Blackwood in the British-Irish show “Guilt.” Past roles have included supporting characters in “Urban Myths” and “Flood.”

An advocate for arts and culture 

Over the years Coughlan has made it her mission to support Irish arts and culture, often promoting the work of her fellow actors. Most notably, she has often spoken out in favour of the National Theatre of Ireland, and has campaigned for greater Irish representation in the entertainment industry.

Winning Awards 

Coughlan has earned numerous awards and distinctions for her performances over the years. For example, she won an IFTA award for “Handsome Devil” and an RTS award for “Derry Girls.”

Awards and nominations within the last two years

  • 2020: Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – Emmy Awards nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in “Bridgerton.”
  • 2020: Irish Film & Television Awards nomination for Best Actress in a Lead Role in Drama for “Derry Girls.”
  • 2020: Screen Actors Guild Awards nomination for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series for “Derry Girls.”
  • 2021: Golden Globe Awards nomination for Best Actress in a Television Series Drama for “Bridgerton.”
  • 2021: Irish Film & Television Awards nomination for Best Actress in a Lead Role in Drama for “Bridgerton.”
  • 2021: Screen Actors Guild Awards nomination for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series for “Bridgerton.”


Given in appreciation of Scottish identity
As an Irish actress, Coughlan has also become an ambassador for Scotland and its culture, promoting national identity and encouraging inclusivity amongst Scots. In 2021, her contributions were recognised and celebrated when Coughlan was awarded the Scottish BAFTA Jean Schnoebelen Award.

Achievements as an LGBTQ+ Ally 

During her time as an actress and public figure, Coughlan has demonstrated her support and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. Most recently, whilst on the “Bridgerton” set she actively spoke out in favour of diverse representation of all gender orientations.

In 2021, Coughlan was recognized for her advocacy when she won the “Trailblazers Award” at the 2021 Brits for her support of the LGBTQ+ community, and for using her platform to promote social inclusivity.

Seeking diversity 

As an advocate of diversity and inclusivity, Coughlan has been keen to dispel any stereotypes regarding the type of roles she should be cast for. In some instances she has explicitly voiced her desire to be considered for a wider range of characters.

For instance in 2019, whilst in discussions with “Bridgerton” showrunners Coughlan made it clear how important diversity of roles are to her, stressing that she would appreciate the opportunity to play different characters.

Writing and Singing 

In pursuit of creative new ventures, Coughlan has gradually broadened her scope by taking on additional pursuits. Adding on to her impressive portfolio, Coughlan has recently picked up writing, having penned a moving essay for British Vogue discussing her experiences growing up as a woman of mixed-ethnicity.

In addition to her writing, Coughlan has held a longstanding love for singing and can often be found performing her own renditions of songs. Most recently, she sang “The Galaxy” on the soundtrack for “Bridgerton.”

Nicola Coughlan certainly has an incredible portfolio to her name, and her career trajectory looks just as bright.

With her wide range of acting skills, and her unwavering commitment to using her platform for activism and advocacy, Coughlan looks to set a new precedent for the Irish entertainment industry.

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