Surprisingly Sad Moments in TV Comedies

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Surprisingly Sad Moments in TV Comedies: A Comprehensive Guide

Most of the time we turn to TV comedies for some lighthearted laughs and to feel good, but even the funniest of shows will sometimes hit us with some unexpectedly emotional moments. From surprise plot twists to heartwarming final scenes, sometimes a comedy show will unexpectedly make us reach for the tissues. Here is a comprehensive list of all the most surprisingly sad moments from some of the best TV comedies ever created.

The Office: Jim and Pam’s Last Conversation

One of the most iconic comedy couples of all time, Jim and Pam from The Office had their fair share of romantic disputes, funny laughter and clever banter. But their last conversation in the show’s series finale was a surprisingly solemn moment. After finally taking a leap of faith in his career, Jim leaves his job and is leaving Scranton. Jim and Pam have a lengthy conversation, in which they reflect on their relationship, their struggles and the many joys they experienced together throughout the show’s nine seasons. It’s heartbreaking to watch them say their last goodbye, which makes the finale’s more comedic moments that much sweeter.

Parks and Recreation: Leslie’s Final Monologue

Throughout its seven seasons, Parks and Recreation often made its viewers cry—especially during its finale. Audiences saw a lot of beloved characters get their happy endings, but one particular moment stands out above the rest: Leslie’s (Amy Poehler) final monologue. After a seven season-long journey, Leslie gets to experience the joy of actualizing her dream: helping her hometown of Pawnee, Indiana, become a better place to live. Through her inspiring final words, Leslie encourages viewers to never give up on their dreams and to always keep a positive attitude. This final monologue will bring a tear to even the toughest of viewers.

Modern Family: Mitch and Cam’s Renewal of Vows

Mitch and Cam, the main couple on Modern Family, may have had their fair share of silly arguments and disagreements, but they always showed their love for each other. In the episode “Lifetime Supply”, viewers witnessed Mitch and Cam re-declare their commitment to one another—despite their relationship troubles—in one of the sweetest and most moving moments of the show’s 10 season series finale. As they reaffirm their love and commitment to one another, it’s clear that the couple has now found solid ground, making their sweet gesture even more touching.

Freaks and Geeks: Kim and Lindsay’s Final Conversation

Freaks and Geeks may have only lasted one season, but the show left a lasting impression on its viewers, thanks in part to Kim and Lindsay’s (Linda Cardellini) final conversation. As viewers saw Kim’s wild ride towards rock stardom begin, her older sister Lindsay begs her to stay. Kim wipes away her tears, kisses her sister goodbye, and drives away. As Lindsay drives back to their high school, she narrates her story, saying, “Sometimes I think about what Kim was saying before she left, and I realize that the only thing standing between me and the future is me.” The sheer honesty of the moment is heartbreaking, and serves as a reminder that real life is often too complicated to be contained in a single episode of a TV show.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Paddy’s Funeral

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the most outrageous comedies not only on TV, but in all of film history. But in the series finale episode, “The Gang Goes to Paddy’s Funeral,” the show takes a surprisingly somber tone. The main characters attend their deceased co-worker Paddy’s funeral where they take the time to reflect on their own relationships and their lives as a whole. Despite being from a show we’re used to laughing at, this scene is surprisingly serious and is definitely a tear-jerker.

Friends: Monica and Chandler’s Final Dance

Friends is one of the most beloved sit-coms of the past two decades, but it had its fair share of emotionally charged moments. Perhaps the saddest, and most underrated, of these moments is a scene from the show’s finale. As the gang says their final goodbyes and prepares for a fresh start in a new life, Monica (Courtney Cox) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) perform one final dance as they reflect on their many happy years together as a couple. Even though it’s a funny show, this scene hits home and reminds us of the many relationships in our own lives that we cherish.

TV comedy shows often make us laugh, but they can also make us reach for the tissues. We’ve highlighted some of the most surprisingly sad moments from some of the best TV comedies of all time. Whether it’s Jim and Pam’s last conversation on The Office or Kim and Lindsay’s heartfelt goodbye on Freaks and Geeks, these scenes will make even the toughest of viewers reach for the tissues.

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