The luckiest colors to wear at the Oscars

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A Night at the Oscars: The Luckiest Colors to Wear 

If you’re among the lucky few invited to the Academy Awards, you may be wondering what the most auspicious color to wear is. Wearing the right hue can bring luck—or bring bad luck if you select the wrong one. Here’s what you should wear if you want to look lucky at the Oscars.

What’s the Luckiest Color? 

When it comes to luck, red is the traditional superstitious color of choice. Red is seen as a symbol of good luck, so wearing red for a once-in-a-lifetime experience like the Oscars is sure to bring you good fortune. The Chinese proverb “Red is the color of luck” is often cited when referencing its prosperity-bringing powers.

But That’s Not All You Can Wear 

Sure, red is a traditional choice. But if you’re not sure red is the right look for you, you can still find luck if you wear other colors. Here’s a list of the luckiest shades to don for Oscar night:

• White: White is a color that symbolizes purity, so wearing it to the Academy Awards will point to your classy, polished look.
• Silver: Silver is a metallic hue associated with money and riches. Wearing silver to the Oscars is sure to bring you an abundance of luck.
• Gold: Of course, gold is a classic, glamorous choice. It’s a brilliant hue that can really help you stand out on the red carpet.
• Blue: Blue is a soothing, calming color that will make you feel relaxed and secure during the event.
• Green: Green is the color of balance and neutrality. It can help to bring you a sense of composure and bring you luck.

Choosing the Right Cut and Style 

Of course, the color of your dress is important, but so is the cut and style. If you’re heading to the Oscars, make sure you choose something classic, timeless, and elegant. Avoid fads that can go out of style quickly and steer away from overly trend-based pieces. Selecting a classic look is sure to bring you a touch of luck—and you won’t look dated in the photos for years to come.

Unconventional Colors That Can Also Bring Luck 

If the traditional and trendy colors don’t work for you, you can find luck and fortune in some more unconventional shades. Wearing the following colors can bring you plenty of prosperity:

• Brown: Brown is a grounding hue, associated with being down-to-earth and strong-willed.
• Purple: Wearing purple to the Oscars is a symbol of royalty, nobility, and richness.
• Gray: Gray is a color associated with taking control and having opinions. Wearing it can give you a boost of confidence.
• Yellow: Yellow is a color of sunshine and new beginnings. It will give you courage and clarity to make it through the night.

Getting Ready the Night 

Of course, the night of the Academy Awards can be nerve-wracking. Even if you’re an old pro, jitters are still normal, so remember to breathe and take your time getting ready. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths and make sure you’ve allotted plenty of time to get ready. The last thing you want is to be rushed. Once you’re dressed and feeling confident and lucky, you can make your way to the ceremony and enjoy the night!

Wearing the right hue is essential when it comes to walking the red carpet of the Academy Awards. Among the luckiest colors chosen for the strange, who’s-going-to-win occasion are red, white, silver, gold, blue, green, brown, purple, gray, and yellow. The key is to choose something elegant, timeless, and chic to increase your chances of success. The night of the Oscars is sure to be a magical, momentous experience—just make sure your ensemble reflects the vibe.
Good luck!

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