Top TV Shows That Should Have Ended Sooner

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It’s understandable for TV shows to end when the storylines have been exhausted or ratings slip to an all-time low. However, there have been many television series that have hung around far too long. After all, the longer a show continues, the lower the quality can become. Here are the top shows that should have ended sooner rather than later.

  1. Game of Thrones:
    Game of Thrones was one of the most popular and successful shows of all time. At its peak, it was the most-watched show in the world, with millions of viewers tuning in to each episode. However, as the series went on, the quality started to decline. The last few seasons rushed through storylines that should have been given more time, leaving fans disappointed with the final product.

  2. How I Met Your Mother:
    How I Met Your Mother was a beloved sitcom that ran for nine seasons on CBS. It started off strong but around season six the storylines became more convoluted and weaker. The show was missing the spark of the earlier seasons, and it wrapped up with an ending that didn’t quite hit the emotional mark.

  3. Lost: Lost was a trend-setting show that captivated audiences for six seasons. It created a huge multi-platform fandom by tying together mythology, character arcs and plot. With each season, the show built up anticipation and excitement, but at its peak, the show fell apart. The sixth and final season wrapped up the mysteries in a rushed and unsatisfying way, leaving viewers confused and disappointed.

  4. Dexter: Dexter was one of the most popular series of the 2000s. It centered around a serial killer and had audiences looking forward to each episode. However, after eight seasons, it was time to end the show. Fans were unsatisfied with the ending, which effectively dashed the series reputation, making it one of the greatest disappointments in television history.

  5. The Office:
    The Office was a beloved comedy that ran for nine seasons and won several Emmy awards. The situational comedy was a hit and had viewers hooked from the beginning. But the show should have ended a season or two earlier, as the last few seasons were lacking in laughs and energy.

  6. Grey’s Anatomy:
    Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for 16 seasons, making it the longest-running medical drama ever. The show has been renewed for a 17th season in 2021, which may be one season too many. The last few seasons have suffered from a lack of creativity, including plots that were either overly dramatic or too generic.

  7. Two and a Half Men:
    Two and a Half Men was a popular sitcom starring Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones. It ran for twelve seasons and was one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. However, the show started to dip in quality shortly after Sheen’s departure, and the last couple seasons were a letdown for many viewers.

These seven shows were wildly popular and successful during their run, but their finales failed to match the quality of the earlier seasons. If these shows had ended a few seasons earlier, they may have managed to end on a strong note that left viewers satisfied.

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