TV Shows That Get Way Better in Season 2

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TV Shows That Get Way Better in Season 2

It’s no surprise that many of our favorite shows get better with age. When a show has a long-running season, with plenty of time to explore characters and create exciting plot points, it’s almost inevitable that season 2 will be better than the first. We have compiled a list of some of the best TV shows that have gotten better in season 2, guaranteed to make you want to drag out your Netflix account.

1: Game of Thrones

When season 1 of Game of Thrones hit HBO in 2011, audiences around the world were captivated. Little did they know, however, that the second season of the show was set to become a masterpiece. With more complicated storylines, more characters and a deeper exploration of the world, season two of Game of Thrones was a marked departure — and a massive improvement — from its freshman season.

2: Stranger Things

Stranger Things has become one of the most popular TV shows since it first graced Netflix audiences in 2016. But it wasn’t until the second season — with a larger scope and development of the characters — that the show earned a cult following and became a household name.

3: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead first came onto our TV screens in 2010 and was an instant hit. But it was the second season that really cemented the show’s status as a TV powerhouse, with the introduction of new characters, a deeper understanding of the characters we already knew and an exploration of complex themes and ideas.

4: Breaking Bad

If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, then you know the show only got better and better after season 1 ended — and season 2 was no exception. With a more ambitious plot and more multidimensional characters, season 2 of Breaking Bad became one of the show’s most iconic eras and made it a TV staple.

5: Mad Men

Mad Men is one of those unique shows that keeps viewers hooked no matter how often the story arcs change or characters evolve. But even with this in mind, the second season of Mad Men was considered to be the show’s best, as it left viewers with their mouths agape in anticipation for the next installment.

6: The Simpsons

The Simpsons has become the gold standard in long-running TV shows — and the second season is where it all began to take off. It’s the definitive version of the show: catchphrases, gags, and a cast of characters that we all know and love are all present here and only grew in subsequent seasons.

7: The Sopranos

The Sopranos has become one of the most talked-about television shows of all time and its second season has a lot to do with that. After establishing the show in its first season, season two of The Sopranos unfolded an entirely new level of complexity, weaving together complex plotlines and captivating characters even more effectively than before.

8: Lost

Lost is another show that started off great in its first season, but got even better in its second season. We learn more about the mysterious island and its inhabitants, and it becomes a puzzle that viewers just can’t help but try to solve, making this season one of the most beloved among fans.

9: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation has been a fan favorite for years and its second season is no exception. The season is full of silly antics and heartfelt moments, with the introduction of iconic characters like Ron Swanson and Tom Haverford. It’s a laugh-out-loud romp that viewers just can’t help but watch over and over.

10: House of Cards

House of Cards is undoubtedly one of the most binge-worthy series on Netflix and season two is no exception. With powerful performances, exciting plot twists and an exploration of the moral grey area of politics, the second season of House of Cards is a must-watch.

TV shows are always improving and evolving, and the second season of a show is usually the point where it starts to hit its stride. Whether it’s a beloved classic like The Simpsons or a contemporary hit like Stranger Things, the shows in this list have all improved after their first season, and we can only wonder what’s coming next. So pull out your remote control and dive into some of these TV favorites — you won’t regret it!

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