What Happens in the Perfect Match Netflix?

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All About ‘What Happens in the Perfect Match Netflix’

Netflix’s new romantic comedy, What Happens in the Perfect Match, is quickly becoming a must-watch for romantics everywhere. The movie follows the story of two young adults, Jessica Wright (Yana Perrault) and Justin Calhoun (Nico Greetham), as they navigate their professional and romantic lives in New York City. From dealing with their careers, to figures from their pasts, to trying to keep their relationship afloat amidst all the chaos, these two young people try to make it work.

Whether you’re an avid romance fan, or just in the mood for a feel-good movie, What Happens in the Perfect Match is sure to hit the spot. The film is well-paced and engaging, with a number of sharp comedic moments. Let’s take a closer look at the film and explore what’s on offer.

Overview of ‘What Happens in the Perfect Match Netflix’

What Happens in the Perfect Match tells the story of Jessica and Justin, two ambitious young adults and co-workers at a New York City law firm. Jessica is a lawyer, while Justin is a legal assistant. Over the course of the movie, their lives and careers are thrown into turmoil when their pasts come back to haunt them.

Jessica and Justin find themselves in a situation where their ideals and values are pitted against one another, testing the strength of their relationship. In the end, the two of them must come together to work out the differences and be there for each other in order to make it through.

The Cast of Characters

What Happens in the Perfect Match stars Yana Perrault and Nico Greetham as the two leads. Both actors deliver outstanding performances, and their chemistry is palpable. They’re joined by Calum Worthy, who plays Justin’s best friend, as well as Brooke Bloom, who plays Jessica’s best friend and confidante.

The Supporting Cast

In addition to the three main characters, What Happens in the Perfect Match also features a number of talented supporting actors. These performances help to create depth and enrich the characters’ motivations and reactions throughout the movie.

• Denise Dowse stars as Jessica’s mother, a wealthy and powerful woman who is determined to maintain control of her daughter’s life.

• David J. Phillips stars as the demanding boss at the law firm where Justin and Jessica work.

• Abu Abba stars as the suave and mysterious figure from Jessica’s past.

• Liza Colón-Zayas stars as the quirky, spiritual neighbor whose guidance incorporates elements from astrology and other New Age practices.

• Michael Ian Black stars as the eccentric billionaire investor who comes to Jessica’s rescue.

A Mix of Genres

What Happens in the Perfect Match Netflix is a romantic comedy, but that is not the only genre the film fits into. The movie is filled with elements of drama and a touch of suspense. With a good mix of both light-hearted and serious moments, viewers can look forward to a well-worn and yet still emotionally-engaging narrative.

Production Quality

The production quality of What Happens in the Perfect Match Netflix was spectacular. The cast looked as if they stepped straight out of the pages of a glossy magazine, the locations and set designs looked equally impressive, and the cinematography was top notch. The production team certainly put a lot of effort into helping the movie reach its potential.


The atmosphere of the film is nothing short of electric. With a movie so filled with emotion, tension, and humor, it’s no surprise that the audience is enthralled every step of the way. Every character, scene, and shot was crafted to perfection. The movie succeeds in transporting viewers to New York City, a place of ambition, energy, and mystery.

Themes and Ideas

Just like any other romantic comedy, What Happens in the Perfect Match Netflix is filled with the typical plot points and characters one comes to expect from a romance movie. But beneath the surface, there are several recurring themes and ideas present in the film.

• Love and commitment: Justin and Jessica’s relationship is put to the test as they have to fight to stay together amidst all the chaos.

• Ambition: Though they’re often uncertain of themselves, Jessica and Justin never give up on attaining their dreams and bettering themselves.

• Caring for others: Throughout the movie, Justin and Jessica put their own feelings aside and prioritize the wellbeing of their loved ones.

• Taking responsibility for one’s actions: Characters in this film learn the hard way, that one’s choices can have lasting repercussions.

Why You Should Watch ‘What Happens in the Perfect Match Netflix’

What Happens in the Perfect Match Netflix is an enjoyable romantic comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. With solid performances from its cast, the movie presents characters who live their lives striving for something more, who grapple with real-life issues, and who ultimately find solace in the arms of their loved ones. The main characters face numerous obstacles as they try to make their relationship work, and in the end, viewers are guaranteed to feel satisfied with the outcomes. Whether you’re a fan of jazz music, suspense movies, or feel-good comedies, What Happens in the Perfect Match Netflix just might be the perfect film for you.

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