What is the most popular show on DIY?

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What is the Most Popular Show on DIY?

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement has been growing steadily over the years with DIY enthusiasts all over the world finding new ways to add some of their own personal flair or flair to the products they buy. This trend has made its way into television, with a growing number of DIY shows that are not only educational but also entertaining. But which shows are the most popular ones on DIY? We will explore the following in this article:

Definition of the DIY Community

The DIY community is made up of people throughout the world who enjoy engaging in creative projects, often using basic materials and hand tools to create these projects. This community is made of people from all walks of life, from weekend warriors to full-time DIY devotees.

This community was born out of the resourceful philosophy of the late 1950s and 60s-era ‘populuxe’ era in the US. Back then, people took materials such as steel, plastic, and particleboard and transformed them into furniture, clothing, and other pieces of décor. At this time, the concept of ‘DIY’ was born.

List of the Most Popular DIY Shows

  1. Fix It and Finish It
  2. Renovation Realities
  3. The Vanilla Ice Project
  4. Home Made Simple
  5. House of Bryan
  6. Yardcrashers
  7. Flip or Flop
  8. Extreme Makeover
  9. Cottage Life
  10. Holmes on Homes

A Deep Dive into the Most Popular Show

The most popular DIY show on DIY is easily Fix It and Finish It. It is hosted by professional contractor Antonio Sabato Jr., and he goes around helping people transform their houses. He helps them realize the potential of their projects by helping them find the materials, demonstrators, and tools they need. It also features experts in various fields like plumbing and carpentry who Sabato Jr. calls in to offer assistance.

Fix It and Finish It is quite popular with viewers because they enjoy the transformation scenes and the fun banter Sabato Jr. has with guests and experts. Aside from teaching viewers how to do DIY projects, at the show’s core is the heart and soul of people from all walks of life who just want to make their homes more comfortable and livable.

DIY Show Resources

Those who are looking for resources about the various DIY shows listed above can find plenty of information available online. Here are some of the online resources that would be useful:

  1. DIY Network: This network of TV channels which primarily carries shows about DIY projects like the ones listed here. They regularly provide updates about the shows, including schedules and episodes.

  2. Reddit Do-It-Yourself: Reddit’s DIY community is one of the most active spaces on the internet, with plenty of people discussing their projects and seeking advice.

  3. Houzz: Houzz is an online platform that provides tips and advice on DIY projects, along with inspiration from the designs of homeowners and professionals in the community.

  4. YouTube: YouTube is also a great resource for tutorials on DIY projects. It’s also a good place to watch clips of the shows or full episodes.

  5. Pinterest: Pinterest is home to millions of DIY projects, with some of the most popular DIY shows being featured on the platform.

  6. Instructables: A place for hobbyists and professionals to document and share their projects, Instructables provides guidelines and step-by-step articles on how to do all sorts of DIY projects.

  7. DIY Planning Guides: There are a number of books and guides available online that can help people plan out their DIY projects and make sure they have all the materials and tools they will need.

The DIY community is an ever-growing entity, and with shows like Fix It and Finish It, it only looks to be expanding even further. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, whatever your ability or expertise, you can find plenty of resources both online and offline to aid in your DIY projects.

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