Who did Austin Butler date?

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Who Has Austin Butler Dated? His Former Relationships and Current Girlfriend

Austin Butler is an American actor and singer, who has been involved in various films and TV series. He’s been in the limelight since the early 2000s, and since then, has become one of the hottest names in Hollywood. What makes his life even more interesting is his romantic relationships, which were always a subject of discussion among fans. In this article, we will talk about all of Austin Butler’s past relationships, from his teenage years to the present days.

Early Relationships

Before he became an actor and singer, Austin had a couple of relationships in high school. Back in 2004, he was in a 6-month relationship with Breanna LaFave. Austin was known to be dating single parents. In 2005, he dated Meagan Holdridge and they broke up a year later.

His Relationship with Vanessa Hudgens

While filming High School Musical, Austin formed a friendship with the co-star Vanessa Hudgens. Their friendship evolved to the point where they started seeing each other in 2005. Austin and Vanessa were in a relationship for 7 years, which was considered the longest of his relationships. This couple was often called “Vaus” by fans and even today, it continues to be viewed as one of Hollywood’s most popular couples.

However, in respect to their privacy about the status of their relationship, neither of them ever confirmed whether they were actually in a relationship. However, Austin’s close relationship with Vanessa’s family, especially with her sister Stella, hinted the fact that they were together. Moreover, they were often seen together in public and showed up to events together.

Relationship with Andre Leon Talley

During his relationship with Vanessa, Austin was rumored to have date Andre Leon Talley, who was a famous Vogue fashion director. Till today, it is not clear whether they were in a romantic relationship or something else. But soon after the rumors began to travel, the two were spotted together away on a romantic getaway in Hawaii. They also posed for pictures that made it to the internet.

However, after these pictures emerged online, neither Austin nor Andre ever acknowledged the speculation on their relationship affairs again. Moreover, information about their romance partnership never really made it to the public. All in all, it’s believed that it was only a brief affair and was nothing more than a rumor without much substance.

His Relationship with Ashley Benson

In 2018, it was reported that Austin was dating the Pretty Little Liars actress, Ashley Benson. However, there were no reports from Austin’s side to back up the media gossip. Despite this, multiple sources had confirmed their relationship and also mentioned that the couple was in a serious relationship.

The media sources further claimed that their relationship was going on for a couple of months, though neither Austin nor Ashley ever commented on these reports. Hence, the mystery of their relationship still remains unsolved.

Current Relationship with Kendall Jenner

After rumors of his relationship with Ashley Benson, the rumor mill shifted to his relation with famous Kardashian family member, Kendall Jenner. In November 2019, media outlets caught Austin and Kendall together on a dinner date in LA. As photos of them together were released, multiple sources confirmed that they were together.

Since then, they have been making public appearances together and going to different places together, hinting at the fact that they are still together. However, neither of them has ever talked about their relationship openly in the media. They have managed to keep their love affair hidden behind the curtains, but it might not be for very long.

It is clear from this article that, over the years, Austin Butler has remained in and out of multiple relationships. From his high school sweetheart to his current girlfriend Kendall Jenner, Austin has definitely explored the passionate side of love. At present, he seems to be in a very serious relationship with Kendall and we can’t wait to see how this couple turns out in the future.

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