Why Sidney Is In the new Scream So Little?

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 What Is the New Scream Movie About and Why Is Sidney So Little?

Scream, the iconic horror franchise, is back with a new installment. The latest offering from the slasher genre is a direct sequel to the original 1996 film, and it has already gained a lot of attention from die-hard fans and casual viewers alike. Best of all, it stars legendary scream queen Neve Campbell, who is reprising her iconic role as Sidney Prescott for the first time in twenty years. But what is intriguing about the film is how little Sidney is featured. 

Though Campbell is one of horror’s most beloved leading ladies and has been front and center in all the earlier Scream films, her part in the newest offering is surprisingly small. This may come as a surprise to quite a few viewers, so let’s take a look at why Sidney is in the new Scream movie so little.

The First Reason: Revolutionizing the Franchise with a New Cast

The first reason why Sidney plays a much smaller role in the new Scream movie may be that filmmakers are trying to revolutionize the franchise by introducing new characters to the equation. This gives us a refreshing way to get to know this world as we once again find ourselves in a town terrorized by a killing machine. It is understandable that the filmmakers would have to focus on the new characters introduced in the latest installment, at the expense of the returning ones.

The Second Reason: Respecting the Legac y of Sidney

Another likely reason for Sidney’s diminished role in the new Scream movie is that the filmmakers may be respecting the legacy of Sidney’s character. As a character, Sidney Prescott has already achieved a tremendous amount, and her arc in the previous four installments has pretty much run its course. She has gone through so much in the first few films that it would be a disservice to see her go through the same motions again, especially if it involves nothing revolutionary or unexpected.

The Third Reason: Saving Sidney for a Future Film

Finally, the third major reason why Sidney is so little in the new Scream movie could be that filmmakers are saving her for a future installment. Though Scream would not be the same without Neve Campbell in the leading role, it may be that filmmakers are wanting to use her place in the franchise to create anticipation for a later movie. This could be the rationale behind Campbell’s smaller presence in the latest installment; the filmmakers may be hoping that her reduced screen time will make viewers buckle up with excitement for what comes next by keeping them guessing.

Taken together, there are several reasons why Sidney is in the new Scream movie so little. To begin with, it may be that filmmakers are using this as an opportunity to introduce new characters in the franchise and keep the series fresh and exciting. Additionally, they may be respecting the legacy of Sidney and her character arc by not having her take center stage once again. Finally, they may also be saving her for a future installment in the franchise, which could be a surprise to viewers who expected her to be in the new movie. Ultimately, however, only time will tell what comes next for Campbell’s iconic scream queen.

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