How to Become a Movie Critic: Types of Movie Criticism

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 Movies have been entertaining people for millennia. Movie critics are an integral part of any film industry, as they provide an often critical analysis of movies. Movie critics must possess a sharp eye to assess movies objectively and be willing to express their opinion in print. Developing skills in film and television criticism can also be beneficial in other professions such as movie marketing, filmmaking, and film journalism. If you want to know how to become a movie critic, then read on.

What is the Role of a Movie Critic? 

A movie critic is someone who reviews and evaluates films. The purpose of critiques is to help people decide whether or not they wish to watch or purchase a particular film. Critical analysis also allows viewers to understand a movie’s strengths and weaknesses. Movie critics must be able to articulate their opinion in an unbiased way.

What Skills Do You Need? 

To become a successful movie critic, you must possess certain skills. First, you must have an extensive knowledge of cinema. You need to understand different genres and eras of movies, as well as be able to recognize and identify filmmaking techniques. Secondly, you should have a good eye for detail. Writing about the intricate details of a movie goes a long way in helping readers appreciate the work of the director and cast. Thirdly, you must have excellent writing and communication skills. Being able to express your thoughts in a concise and effective manner is essential to give interesting, informative reviews.

Education and Experience 

While there is no formal education required to become a movie critic, it is beneficial to possess prior knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry. Taking courses in media or film studies can help you to understand the history of cinema and its technical elements, and how to critique it. It is also helpful to get a degree in journalism or communications to learn the fundamentals of writing and how to communicate effectively.

Familiarize Yourself with Writing Standards 

Before becoming a professional movie critic, it is important to familiarize yourself with the standards of writing. There are specific formats, styles, and structures to review movies that must be adhered to. Understanding these professional writing standards helps you to write engaging and captivating reviews.

Types of Movie Criticism 

Movie criticism comes in many shapes and sizes. Here are a few common types of movie criticism:

  1. Critiques: These are a more in-depth analysis of a movie and are written to provide people with a clearer idea of its strengths and weaknesses. Generally, critics focus on the plot, directing, cinematography, actors, and the overall production quality of a movie.

  2. Reviews: Reviews are similar to critiques in that they are an analysis of a movie. However, they are usually shorter and they often contain more subjective elements. Reviews often focus on how a film’s plot, characters, and visuals made the reviewer feel.

  3. Rating Articles: Rating movies is often seen as the most simplified type of critique. This is usually done by giving the film a number grade or a star rating. This type of review should contain a summary of the movie and a brief explanation of why it received the score that it did.

  4. Commentary: This type of review is often more personal and is used as an opportunity for a critic to share his or her opinion on certain plot points or character decisions. These critiques are written to contribute to the conversation surrounding a film, rather than to objectively and professionally review a movie.

Marketing Yourself as a Professional Movie Critic 

To stand out in the sea of online movie critics, you need to make sure your reviews are of a professional quality. Utilizing all of the skills you need to successfully review a movie should help you to become an influential and well-regarded professional critic. Social media is an effective way to promote your reviews to a wide range of viewers. However, if you are not comfortable with using it, then try submitting your work to established movie review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb.

Aspiring movie critics must possess an extensive knowledge of cinema, excellent writing and communication skills, and be committed to understanding the fundamentals of professional writing. The most important thing is to have a passion for movies and an ability to articulate your opinion in an unbiased way. Developing these skills and marketing your work can help you to build a successful career as a movie critic.

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