Stephen King Reviews Rian Johnson’s New Mystery Series

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Rian Johnson’s New Mystery Series Gets Highly-Anticipated Stephen King Review

Directed and produced by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Rian Johnson, Knives Out is a riveting and highly-anticipated new mystery series that looks to be a modern-day classic. Recently, the series has gotten a ringing endorsement from the master of horror and suspense himself, Stephen King.

About the Knives Out Series

Knives Out is a new, suspenseful mystery series that follows the brilliant, but eccentric detective, Benoit Blanc, as he investigates the mysterious murder of a wealthy patriarch. Told through a faithful cast of characters, the story slowly reveals the truth as the investigation proceeds.

The modern-day take on a classic mystery series has earned instant popularity, with critics and movie-goers alike raving about the series’ gripping and suspenseful storylines. With its adept cliche-busting and intriguing storytelling, it’s sure to quickly gain a cult-like status.

Highly-Anticipated Stephen King Review

Despite the series early acclaim, fans of the series and horror-fans alike were eagerly awaiting one particular review, that of Stephen King. As the master of horror and suspense, King’s opinion was highly anticipated as his competency in judging mystery stories and providing a unique perspective was well-respected.

True to expectations, Stephen King provided an in-depth and glowing review of the series, through a Tweet on his personal Twitter account. In his tweet, King said that the series was, “Gripping and beautiful, and the best mystery I’ve seen in years.”

King’s favourable review of the series caused a wave of excitement and enthusiasm, getting fans and professional critics alike to take notice.

Big Changes for Stephen King

This review is quite the departure for King, as he is not typically known for providing reviews and opinions on other works of literature or tv series. Historically, King has shied away from providing reviews on other works but clearly felt compelled to review Rian Johnson’s new mystery series.

The impact that King had on the development and success of the series was immediate, with some critics calling his endorsement of the series similar to that of the Pope’s.

Final Verdict

The Mystery Series of Rian Johnson and Stephen King’s subsequent positive review of it demands attention. With its unique story telling, creative and modern-day composition, it has attracted immense acclaim and is sure to become a modern classic. Fans of mystery, horror, and suspense will not want to miss out on this gripping and beautiful thrill-ride.


With the Netflix original series sure to make an impact in the mystery genre, it has earned a tidal wave of support from renowned horror-master Stephen King. With his glowing review and high level of enthusiasm fans and professionals alike, it’s clear that this is one series you’re going to want to watch. Definitely highly-recommended.

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