Outlander: The Best Characters in the Series

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Outlander is a series of fantasy and science fiction novels written by author Diana Gabaldon. It follows the story of British Army nurse Claire Randall, who is sent back in time to an 18th century Scotland clan, during the time of the Jacobite Rising rebellion. Since it was first published in 1991, the series has become a worldwide success, spanning nine books and garnering an avid fan base. The first eight books have been adapted into a critically acclaimed Starz TV series, highlighting the main characters and plotlines of each book.

The Best Characters in Outlander

Throughout this acclaimed and beloved series, the lives of many unique and memorable characters unfold. Here is a brief overview of some of the best characters in Outlander that help make this story great.

Claire Randall

Claire is a dynamic, determined, and brave protagonist. She is a British Army combat nurse who is part of the Scottish Highlands mission in 1945. However, she is sent back in time to 1743, where she is thrust into a whole new world. Not wanting to give up her spirit and identity, she stands up to challenges, defies expectations, and never gives up.

Jamie Fraser

Jamie is the love interest of Claire, and a Scottish Highlander warrior. He comes from a clan of brave and loyal fighters and is courageous himself. He is the lead male in Outlander and the main character that Claire falls in love with in the past. He is loyal to Claire and will stop at nothing to keep her safe. His unyielding commitment to Claire and his calm yet persistent demeanor make him one of the most beloved characters of the series.

Frank Randall

Frank Randall is Claire’s husband in the “real” world. Although they may have some differences, Frank loves Claire deeply and they make a great pair. Even though their marriage may be slightly strained at times, his commitment to her and his protectiveness of her come through strong.

Brianna Randall

Brianna is Claire and Frank Randall’s daughter. Fans get to see her character evolve throughout the series. She is a strong, confident young woman who is also very loyal to her mother and will go to great lengths to protect her. She is very determined and loves exploring the past and trying to find out the truth, despite facing some difficult obstacles.

Geillis Duncan

Geillis Duncan is a sometimes villainous and sometimes heroic character in Outlander. She is a passionate and powerful woman who is willing to risk just about anything to reach her goals. She can be stubborn and sometimes frustrating, but ultimately she is a loyal and supportive friend who will challenge Claire and Jamie when they need it.

Murtagh Fraser

Murtagh is Jamie’s godfather and a powerful, brave man. He is Jamie’s protector and Confidant and is willing to sacrifice his life and his future for him. He also knows exactly when to speak his mind, and he is not afraid to challenge Claire or Jamie if he thinks they are wrong or need the advice.

The Popularity and Appeal of Outlander

The popularity of Outlander has grown over the years, with the series now spanning nine books and spawning a critically acclaimed television show. It offers fans an imaginative and captivating story, with action-packed plot lines, mysterious and enthralling characters, and a unique and interesting setting.

The character development within the story is also a factor that has kept people reading and watching for years. From the strong and courageous Claire and Jamie Fraser, to the serious and determined Frank and Brianna Randall, these characters embody both strength and vulnerability, as they each confront their challenges and learn to be more courageous and resilient in the face of adversity.

Outlander also offers viewers a look into the diversity and customs of the 18th century Scottish Highlands. From the various clans and their various customs to the Jacobite Rising rebellion and its implications, Outlander challenges the viewer’s knowledge of history and politics.

The success of Outlander is due to its compelling plot lines, interesting characters, and captivating time-travel storyline. From the determined and loyal Jamie Fraser to the passionate and strong Geillis Duncan, these characters add to the series’ appeal and make the story worth watching. Moreover, Outlander’s introduction to the customs and struggles of the 18th century Scottish Highlands make it an unforgettable series that will remain in the hearts of its fans for years to come.

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