Best Movies To Watch After You’ve Seen All The Best Picture Nominees

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Best Movies To Watch After You’ve Seen All The Best Picture Nominees

The Academy Awards are an annual celebration of the best in film. Every year, a slew of high-profile movies compete for the top honors, including Best Picture. For those who have been watching the Oscars for years, Best Picture nominees offer a chance to keep up with the developments in the film industry. But for those who are new to the Oscars and are looking for more mainstream movie suggestions, there are a plethora of great films to choose from. Here is a list of some of the best movies to watch after you’ve seen all the Best Picture nominees.


  1. Knives Out (2019): A modern day murder mystery set in the present day, this film stars an ensemble cast of Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, and Jamie Lee Curtis. The film follows a family of suspects as they try to uncover the truth behind the murder of their patriarch. The movie is filled with sharp wit, unexpected plot twists, and stellar performances from the cast.

  2. The King of Staten Island (2020): A semi-autobiographical comedy by Judd Apatow, The King of Staten Island follows the journey of Scott (Pete Davidson) as he attempts to find his path in life. The story is both humorous and moving, making it a great pick for viewers of all ages.

  3. Juno (2007): Starring Ellen Page, Jennifer Garner, and Michael Cera, Juno is a teenage comedy-drama that follows the title character as she struggles to come to terms with an unplanned pregnancy. The movie is humorous and heartfelt, and its themes of family, friendship, and acceptance.


  1. Moonlight (2016): Winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2017, Moonlight follows the same characters over three distinct chapters in the life of Chiron, a young man growing up in Miami. The movie is raw and honest in its portrayal of life in an underserved area, making it an eye-opening experience that has resonated with viewers around the world.

  2. Manchester by the Sea (2016): With powerfully raw performances from star Casey Affleck and breakout actress Michelle Williams, Manchester by the Sea follows Lee Chandler (Affleck) as he returns to his hometown to take care of his nephew after the sudden death of his brother. Moving and heartbreaking, this film offers viewers a powerful reminder of the power of family and the resilience of the human spirit.

  3. The Revenant (2015): Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, The Revenant follows Hugh Glass (DiCaprio), a fur trapper who sets out on an epic journey of survival after being mauled by a bear and left for dead. The movie is a taut, thrilling-adventure that offers breathtaking cinematography and stellar performances from the cast.


  1. Call Me By Your Name (2017): Set in 1980s Italy, Call Me By Your Name centers around the budding relationship between Elio (Timothee Chalamet) and Oliver (Armie Hammer), two young men who spend the summer together in a beautiful Italian villa. The movie is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, and its feel-good atmosphere and dreamy atmosphere make it one of the best romance films of the past decade.

  2. La La Land (2016): Starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, La La Land is a romantic musical that follows the story of an aspiring actress and a jazz pianist as they fall in love and try to follow their dreams in the City of Dreams, Los Angeles. The music and storytelling are both simple and enchanting, and its depiction of the alluring power of Hollywood and the ephemeral nature of romance make for a truly captivating experience.

  3. Amelie (2001): Set in the unique world of Montmartre, Amelie follows the story of the title character, a lonely waitress (Audrey Tautou) who goes on a mission to bring joy into the lives of others. The movie is both touching and whimsical, and its dreamy atmosphere and charming performances make it a delight to watch.


  1. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015): Starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, Mad Max: Fury Road is an action-packed thrill ride that follows Max as he embarks on a quest to help the members of an all-female rebel group escape their captivity in post-apocalyptic Australia. The film is filled with spectacular action set pieces, intense car chases, and stunning visuals that make it a must-watch for action fans.

  2. The Dark Knight (2008): Directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale, The Dark Knight follows Batman as he attempts to thwart the plans of the sinister Joker (Heath Ledger). The film is an expertly crafted superhero movie that contains some of the best action sequences of the past two decades.

  3. The Protector (2005): Starring Tony Jaa, The Protector follows Kham (Jaa) as he attempts to recover two stolen elephants from an international criminal organization. Filled with jaw-dropping stunts and impressively choreographed fight scenes, The Protector is one of the essential martial arts movies of the past two decades.


  1. O.J.: Made in America (2016): Directed by Ezra Edelman, O.J.: Made in America chronicles the life of O.J. Simpson, from his days as a college football phenomenon to his now-infamous trial for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. This sprawling eight-hour film is an absorbing look at the hysteria surrounding Simpson’s trial and America’s racial tensions during the 1990s.

  2. Apollo 11 (2019): Filmed entirely with archival footage, Apollo 11 chronicles the historic 1969 mission to the moon by the crew of the Apollo 11. The film is full of awe-inspiring visuals and heartwarming stories from the astronauts and their families, making it a must-watch for any space enthusiast.

  3. 20 Feet from Stardom (2013): Directed by Morgan Neville, 20 Feet from Stardom offers an intimate look at the lives of the background singers who worked alongside some of the most famous musicians of the past fifty years. It’s a fascinating exploration of the sacrifices and successes of these behind-the-scenes superstars that’s both inspiring and heartbreaking.


  1. Up (2009): Animated by Pixar, Up follows the story of Carl Fredricksen, an elderly man who dreams of traveling to Paradise Falls. Along with his young sidekick, Russell, Carl embarks on an adventure full of laughter, heartwarming moments, and unforgettable images.

  2. Coco (2017): By Pixar, the story of Coco follows a young boy who attempts to uncover the truth about his family’s past by traveling to the Land of the Dead. The movie is full of life lessons, memorable songs, and vibrant visuals that make it both delightful and meaningful.

  3. The Incredibles (2004): Following the adventures of a family of superheroes, The Incredibles is an action-packed movie full of clever humor, thrilling action, and beautiful animation. Beloved by both critics and children alike, the movie is a must-watch for animation fans of all ages.

These movies are some of the best to watch after viewing all the Best Picture nominees! From touching dramas and insightful documentaries, to lighthearted comedies and motivational romances, there is something here for everyone. Plus, having seen all the Best Picture nominees, viewers can have a unique perspective as they watch these films. So grab a bucket of popcorn and get ready for some truly captivating motion pictures!

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