Dark Anime Series That Will Mess With Your Mind

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Dark Anime Series That Will Mess With Your Mind

Anime is not all just cute, colorful, and fluffy fare. There is a wide variety of dark anime series that will truly mess with your mind and soul. These dark anime series are provocative tales of suspense, horror, sci-fi, psychological thrillers, and more. Here are some of the best dark anime series that you should watch to get your mind twisted.

Death Note

Death Note is one of the most iconic dark anime series ever made. This intense psychological thriller follows an exceptionally bright student who discovers an evil supernatural notebook known as the Death Note. The notebook grants him the power to kill anyone he knows the name and face of by writing the victim’s name in the book. You will be taken for a wild ride of emotion as you follow the path of Light Yagami and the consequences of his actions.


Parasyte is a must-watch dark anime series that will mess with your mind. In this series, strange creatures known as Parasites begin to invade humanity. These creatures can take control of a human body and gain its owners’ knowledge. One of the students in school, Shinichi, is attacked by one such parasite and the two must fight to survive in a new world where creatures coexist with humans. The series follows the unusual story of Shinichi and his struggle to understand the Parasites’ motives for invading humanity.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a classic dark anime series that has had a major influence on the modern anime landscape. The story follows a group of teenage pilots trying to save the world from mysterious creatures known as Angels with the help of large robots called Evangelions. This series has a deep and complex story that will keep you thinking and talking. The psychedelic imagery and psychological themes of this series will make your mind spin.


For those looking for an intense experience, Gantz is a dark anime series that will mess with your mind. In this series, a group of ordinary people are brought to a strange place where they are forced to play a game with their lives on the line. This series packs a lot of action and suspense. The shocking and violent content will give you the chills and make your mind spin.

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied follows a group of people who are mutated humans known as Diclonii. With superhuman powers, these Diclonii are mistreated and feared by humans. The main character, Lucy, is a Diclonius who was held in captivity and abused for years. She escapes and plots revenge, but soon finds out that humans are not her only enemies. This dark, psychological anime will take you for a ride of twists, turns, and disturbing scenes that will surely play with your mind.

Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain is one of the most trippy and mind-boggling anime series ever made. The story follows an angsty 14-year-old girl who is sent a mysterious email and slowly begins to understand the scope of the virtual reality world known as the Wired. As Lain delves deeper into the Wired, the lines between reality and virtual reality become blurred, leading her into a mind-bending journey. The mysterious atmosphere and thought-provoking storylines of this series will really mess with your mind.


Monster is a horror anime series that will mess with your mind. Out of all these dark anime series, Monster might be the one that will affect you the most. The story follows a doctor in pre-World War I Germany who discovers a mysterious young boy from a crime scene. The doctor soon realizes that the boy is much more than what he appears to be and a dark journey begins. This thought-provoking series moves at a slow pace, but is full of suspense and horror. It will stay with you even long after you have finished watching.

Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy is a sci-fi anime series that will mess with your mind. This series follows the story of a domed city known as Romdeau where humans and androids known as AutoReivs coexist. Suddenly, the AutoReivs start going insane due to a virus, leading the citizens to hire a special investigator to figure out the mystery behind the virus and stop its spread. This captivating anime will keep you guessing until the very end.


Psycho-Pass is a dark anime series that will mess with your mind. This sci-fi series takes place in a dystopian future where people’s mental states are monitored by the Sibyl System. Any individual whose Psycho-Pass reads too high is labeled as a danger to society. The plot follows a group of police officers trying to find the source of the problem and stop it before it spreads. The complex plot and interesting character dynamics will get you hooked from the beginning.

Dark and disturbing anime series are not for the faint of heart. They are intense psychological stories that will truly mess with your mind. The series listed here have some of the most captivating and thought-provoking stories that you will ever encounter. So if you’re looking for a dark anime series to get your mind twisted, look no further than this list of the best dark anime series that will mess with your mind.

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