Disney Facts You Might’ve Not Heard Before

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Disney Facts You Might’ve Not Heard Before

There’s no denying the influence and reach of Disney in our everyday life. From their movies and theme parks, to their merchandise and music, the company has touched us all in some way. From the magical world of Disney on your television screens to the enchanting experience of Disney theme parks, you can’t escape the presence of the company in your life. But even with all the Disney trivia that’s out there, there are still some facts and interesting history associated with the company that you may have not heard before. Here are some cool Disney facts you might’ve not heard before.

The First Combination of Animation and Live Action

The first-ever combination of live action and animation in movies was none other than Disney’s 1939 classic “The Story of Pinocchio”. Not only was it the first of its kind, but it was also the only film to be released by Disney that was not a fully animated feature. The accomplishment was revolutionary for its time and was highly influential for future Disney films like ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ and ‘Mary Poppins’ which, like ‘The Story of Pinocchio’ combined both live action and animation.

Disney has Its Own Private Island

Did you know that the Walt Disney Company has its own private island? Castaway Cay is actually owned and operated by Disney Cruise Line and is located in the Bahamas. It’s a beautiful private getaway only for Disney guests and features white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and plenty of fun activities for adults and children.

The Debut of Mickey Mouse

One fun fact about Disney Studios is that the first ever appearance of Mickey Mouse was in a short film called “Plane Crazy”. It wasn’t the first Disney cartoon, but it was the first time Disney featured the famous mouse. In Syncopation – the second movie to feature Mickey Mouse – the mouse is actually dressed and looking much more “mouse-like” than in his debut.

The First Ever Personified Animal Protagonist

Despite having many anthropomorphic characters, Disney was actually the first to create a fully animated film with a personified animal as its protagonist. That movie, of course, was the legendary “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. The first-ever personified animal protagonist in a movie, Snow White marked the start of a new era.

Disney’s First ever CGI Film

Although Disney’s first ever CGI/ computer-animated film was ‘Toy Story’ in 1995, the studio’s first fully computer-generated movie was actually released a full decade before that – in 1985. The name of the film was “The Black Cauldron” and although it was a big box office failure, it has held its place in Disney lore as well as in the history books.

Disney’s Sense of Style

When it comes to character design, Disney has always had a unique sense of style which was embodied in its “Nine Old Men”, the core artists and animators at the studio. They were the ones responsible for creating the aesthetic look of characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Snow White and they made sure that all Disney characters envied their unique style.

The Birth of Donald Duck

Believe it or not, Donald Duck was actually the first-ever Disney character to have a voice of its own. Donald appeared in the 1934 cartoon “The Wise Little Hen”, which featured him voicing himself in the very first scene of the cartoon. Since then, Donald’s voice has become synonymous with the character, for both children and adults alike.

The Voice of Walt Disney

Another Disney-related fact is that the voice of Walt Disney himself was actually dubbed by a Hollywood actor. In order to authentically capture the sound of Walt’s voice, Walt Disney himself hired an actor known as Clarence Nash to provide him with the sound. Nash’s voice has been featured in many Disney classics, including “A Bug’s Life” and “Fantasia”.

The Beginnings of Disney Parks

Did you know that Disney actually tried to develop its very own amusement park before it became the theme parks that we know today? In the 1950s, Walt Disney tried to construct the “Disneylandia” amusement park in Burbank, California. However, the project was abandoned due to a number of issues, including the refusal of the officials of Los Angeles to grant Disney the necessary permits for the park.

The One and Only True Cinderella Castle

When it comes to Disney theme parks, there’s nothing quite like the one and only true Cinderella Castle. Located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, the castle is the most easily recognized symbol of Disney anywhere in the world. Built in 1971 and standing at 189 feet tall, the castle is in the center of the park and is home to the iconic fireworks show.

The ABC Connection

You may not know it, but the Walt Disney Company is also affiliated with one of America’s biggest broadcast networks – ABC. The network was originally founded in 1943 and was acquired by Disney in 1995. ABC still operates today and is the home of shows like “Black-ish” and “The Bachelor”. As well as being affiliated with ESPN and Hulu, Disney’s relationship with ABC continues to be a strong one.

The Disney Broadcast Network

Speaking of networks, many people aren’t too familiar with the fact that Disney also has its own broadcast network – the Disney Channel. Founded in 1983, the network was launched as a way for Disney to reach out to its younger audiences and to promote its brand and products. When it first started, the channel mainly aired Disney cartoons and shows, but as it grew, it began to feature a wide variety of programming for all ages.

Disney’s Presence at Parks

If you’ve ever traveled to one of Disney’s theme parks, you’ve surely noticed the presence of Disney characters throughout the park. Reports suggest that Walt personally supervised the placement and pacing of Disney characters throughout the parks he created. Even today, characters can still be seen and interacted with at theme parks like Disney World and Disneyland – making the experience much more pleasurable and exciting for the children.

The Multi-Billion Dollar Company

Today, Disney is a multi-billion-dollar company who’s main source of revenue comes from its entertainment industry. Not only does it receive most of its profits from its movies, TV shows, theme parks and video games, but also from its merchandise and music lines. It’s estimated that Disney made around 40 billion dollars in 2020 which is a testament to the popularity and success of the company.

As you can see, there’s more to Disney than meets the eye. From their groundbreaking animation and film, to their unique sense of style and merchandise, the Walt Disney Company continues to be the great force that it has been known to be. For all its history and presence, it’s no surprise that it remains one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry to date. So there you have it, some fun and interesting Disney facts that you may have not heard of before.

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