Does Kate Know That Joe is a Serial Killer? Theories

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Does Kate Know That Joe is a Serial Killer? Theories  

Many people in the United States know who serial killer Joe is. His story is well documented, but few people know details about his relationship with Kate. Many suspect that Kate knew about Joe’s activities and is hiding something, but so far no one has been able to prove it. Here, we will look at the different theories about Kate’s role in Joe’s killing spree, from the evidence that has already been collected and from circumstantial evidence.

Who is Joe?  

Joe is one of the most notorious serial killers in U.S. history, responsible for ten murders over the course of three years in the mid-’90s. He was finally caught by the police and sentenced to life in prison.

Who is Kate?  

Kate is Joe’s girlfriend at the time he began his killing spree. They had been dating for two years before Joe was arrested. She is a relative unknown in the case, as there has been no hard evidence connecting her to the crimes. She has never spoken publicly about her relationship with Joe or whether she knew he was a serial killer.

What Is the Evidence That May Suggest Kate Knew About Joe’s Killing Spree?  

There is evidence to suggest that Kate might have had an idea of what Joe was doing, although there is no hard proof to prove it. Here are some examples of evidence that supports the idea that Kate may have known:

  1. She Was Always Insisting They Spend More Time Together

During the time period when Joe was committing his murders, Kate was always pushing for them to spend more time together. Even when Joe had important errands to run or meetings to attend, Kate would find a way to be by his side and want to know where he was every minute of the day.

  1. She Was Seen at the Locations of Some of the Murders

Witnesses have placed Kate at several of the murder locations. In one incident, a witness claimed to have seen Kate several weeks before the murder, while Joe was scouting out the area.

  1. She Visited Joe in Prison

Kate visited Joe in prison, even after he had confessed to all of his crimes. She consistently stated that she was standing by her man, even though he was a murderer.

  1. She Was in Possession of Memorabilia From the Crimes

Investigators found several items in Kate’s possession that had came from the crime scenes. These include one of Joe’s victims’ wallets, as well as a book from the same library that another victim had been seen at just days before her death.

What Is the Circumstantial Evidence That May Suggest Kate Knew About Joe’s Killing Spree?  

Circumstantial evidence adds another layer of complexity to the case against Kate, as it relies solely on assumptions and hypotheses. Here are some examples of circumstantial evidence that could suggest Kate knew about Joe’s killing spree:

  1. She Benefited Financially From Joe’s Crimes

In the months leading up to Joe’s arrest, Kate’s lifestyle drastically improved. She was buying expensive items and taking lavish vacations, all of which would have been impossible on her income. The source of her new wealth was never revealed, but many believe it is connected to Joe’s criminal activities.

  1. She Never Reported Joe to the Police

Kate never reported Joe to the police even though she had been with him for several years and knew he was becoming increasingly violent. Also, she never tried to get help for Joe or his victims, either.

  1. She Seemed to Have an Unusual Amount of Knowledge About Joe’s Crimes

In several interviews after Joe’s arrest, Kate showed an intimate knowledge of his crimes and his victims. She also seemed to have access to information about the case that the public did not have.

  1. She Was Obsessed With Serial Killers

Kate was known to be obsessed with serial killers, to the point where she was collecting items that belonged to them and following their stories in the news. In light of this obsession, it is possible she assisted Joe in his criminal activities without actually being aware of it.

While evidence does suggest that Kate was aware of Joe’s killing spree, there is no proof that she was actually involved in any way. Still, there are enough circumstantial evidence to make many people suspect that she was in some way connected to his crimes. Ultimately, the truth of Kate’s role in the case may never be known.

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