Julia Roberts: The Timeless Queen of Romantic Comedies

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Julia Roberts: The Timeless Queen of Romantic Comedies

Julia Roberts has been entertaining audiences with her wit, unique charm and sheer power of talent since the 1980s. She is best known for her iconic roles in romantic comedy classics such as Pretty Woman and Notting Hill, but has also starred in critically acclaimed dramas and even one horror film, earning an impressive career total of three Golden Globe Awards, an Academy Award and four BAFTAs.

It might seem hard to believe in an age where some young actors are propelled to fame overnight, but Julia Roberts has been in the acting game for decades and shows no signs of slowing down. Here we’ll take a look at Roberts’ rise to success and the impressive impact she has made as the queen of romantic comedies.

The Early Days 

Responsible for launching one of the most beloved Hollywood stars of all time, it was director George A. Romero who first spotted Roberts in a 1988 episode of Miami Vice and cast her in his horror movie, Stepfather II. This beloved horror was an instant hit and launched Roberts to stardom.

Before this pivotal role Julie’s first movie appearance was in the shy crime drama Satisfaction (1988), alongside Liam Neeson. Though it opened to mixed reviews, Roberts’s performance made critics notice her potential. It was during this time upon shooting Mystic Pizza (1988) that she was scouted by producers to star in the 1990 romantic comedy, Pretty Woman.

The Rom-Com Success of Pretty Woman 

Pretty Woman was a defining moment in Roberts’ career, turning her from an unknown into an A-list celebrity. In the movie, she stars as Vivian Ward, a kind but sassy and hardworking prostitute who is hired for a week by a wealthy businessman, played by Richard Gere. The couple ends up falling in love in a spectacularly heartwarming – and career-defining- way.

The box-office success of Pretty Woman launched Roberts to major fame, as the film grossed an incredible $463 million worldwide and became one of the most enduringly popular romantic comedies of all time.

Making of a Rom-Com Queen 

Building on her success from Pretty Woman, Roberts took on several more live-action romantic comedy roles, cementing her status as Hollywood’s queen of comedies.

The success of Pretty Woman naturally led to a number of sequels, and in 1993 Roberts starred in the sequel, Runaway Bride, alongside actor Richard Gere for the second time. The movie was met with praise from fans and most critics, becoming the 8th highest-grossing movie of 1999.

Other hit romantic comedies from the ‘90s that propelled Roberts to the top of her game include My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) and Notting Hill (1999). In My Best Friend’s Wedding Roberts co-starred alongside Cameron Diaz and Rupert Everett in a hilarious story of friendship, betrayal and romance.

In between her two romantic comedy franchises, Roberts starred in other critically acclaimed romantic comedies, including Stepmom (1998) and America’s Sweethearts (2001). The latter featured a star studded cast with Hugh Grant, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Billy Crystal.

Robert’s Latest Rom-Coms and Other Projects

Since the 90s Roberts has kept her status as the queen of rom-coms, returning to the genre for movies like Valentine’s Day (2010) and Mother’s Day (2016). Though both of these movies received mixed reviews from critics, Roberts was a hit with audiences and the films have since become cult classics.

Roberts has also made a return to television since 2016, starring alongside a star-studded cast in the new HBO series, TheNormal Heart, which has been nominated for 17 Emmy Awards and 8 Golden Globe Awards.

In 2019 Roberts starred as a queen and dance instructor in the drama film ‘Ben Is Back. This movie saw Roberts playing a unique and powerful role, very different from the endearing romantic comedy characters she is best known for, illustrating her range as an actor and her enduring talent.

From the shy and humble beginnings in Satisfaction to the awe-inspiring heights of Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts stands today as the queen of romantic comedies. She has been a constant presence in cinema for over three decades and has continued to blaze trails with her diverse range of roles and consistently captivating performances, making her an inspiration to fans and actors alike.

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