Love is Blind’ Season 3: Where The Couples Are Now

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Love Is Blind Season 3: Where The Couples Are Now  

The wildly popular show Love is Blind recently concluded its latest Season 3. People across the world are captivated by the shows participants and have been left wanting to know what happened to the couples. Well fear not, this article will provide all the answers needed to give an up-to-date look at the unique relationships formed during this season, as well as some of the former couples from the past seasons.

How The Show Works  

The hit-show Love is Blind follows the general outline of a dating show. Contestants, aged 18-40, move into a luxurious apartment complex. This serves as their home while they participate in the process of looking for love and progressing towards marriage. Contestants are asked to spend 10 days in pods, where they must converse with other hopefuls and develop enough of a connection that leads to an in-person meeting. After that, if both partners are still interested, they can leave the pods and enter through a “blind date” so that they can talk and proceed further. If the date goes as planned and the couple decides to get married, they then partake in a Mexican wedding ceremony.

Where Are The Couples Now?  

This season saw a few happy endings. Let’s start with one of the two couples that were married at the end of the show.

Amber & Barnett:

Amber and Barnett were the first of the two successful couples of Season 3. They formed a strong connection during their conversations in the pods and their blind date. A proposal ultimately happened and their relationship has lasted a few months so far. They are now living in Atlanta, the same city in which they got married, and according to Barnett, Amber is helping him to “pursue a career in real estate, and that’s something that I’m really excited about and thankful for.”

Barnett has also revealed his plans for the future which includes buying a house, to start a family, and to launch a not-for-profit organization. This duo is, without a doubt, still happily married and planning a future together.

Carrington & Westley:

Carrington and Westley were the second of the two successful couples of Season 3. They managed to form an instant bond during their pods conversations, but they experienced a few hiccups during their blind-date. Nevertheless, they were able to overcome it and entered the marriage chamber with a neck-and-neck ceremony.

The two are still together and living in Austin, Texas. Recently, Westley opened up on his plans to launch an organic skincare line, while Carrington is pursuing a career in Real estate.

The Other Couples from the Past Seasons  

Apart from Season 3, the show has seen many more success stories from its earlier seasons. Here is a quick look at what some of the former couples are up to now:

Lauren & Cameron:

Lauren and Cameron were the first success story for Love is Blind. They formed fast connection in the pods and entered into marriage after their blind date. The two are still happily married and live in Atlanta. Lauren is a project manager and Cameron is a show runner for an upcoming show starring actors from the comedy group, The Second City.

Kelly & Kenny:

Kelly and Kenny were another success story from Season one. After a rocky first meeting, they eventually decided to get married and are still together to this day. They now live in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

Giannina & Damian:

Giannina and Damian were the one of the two successful couples of Season 2. They formed a strong connection during their pods conversations, but ultimately didn’t get married right away. The two, regardless of whether they are married or not, are still together. They currently live in Atlanta, Georgia, and are raising an adopted son, accompanied by the two kids from Damian’s first marriage

Love is Blind has proven to be the perfect show for hopeless romantics and dating show aficionados. This article evaluated the success stories from all the seasons (Season 1, 2, and 3) and discussed the short-term and long-term plans of each couple. Love is Blind is a hit for a reason and hopefully, future seasons can provide audiences with more of the everlasting couples that fans have come to love.

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