Ruby Barker: The Emerging Actress to Keep Your Eye On

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Ruby Barker: The Emerging Actress to Keep Your Eye On

Ruby Barker, the budding actress in Netflix’s hit series, The Queen’s Gambit, is gaining more attention lately as her acting career rises to the next level. She is one actress that is worth keeping an eye on as her career continues to climb and expand. Let’s peek into the intense, yet genuine, acting chops of this young star in the making.

Who Is Ruby Barker?

Ruby Barker, born in 2001, is a British actress hailing from Essex, England. Active in acting and modeling, Barker has already appeared in several productions throughout her career.

Barker debuted in 2016 as young Angie in I, Daniel Blake, and has since then worked on a variety Netflix shows and films, including Into the Badlands, Five By Five, and the Lady in the Van.

However, it was her powerful performance in The Queen’s Gambit that solidified her acting talent, leading her to a whole new level of fame. Barker’s character, Jolene, is a true underdog and the passionate connection between Jolene and Beth Harmon, the protagonist, is an integral part of the series’ emotions.

How Ruby Barker’s Career Has Developed

In the early stages of her career, Barker found jobs in advertising campaigns, commercials, television, and film. In 2020, she landed a very meaningful supporting role in the Netflix Limited Series, The Queen’s Gambit.

The show was an instant success, launching Ruby Barker’s name into the spotlight for her brave performance as Jolene, a young, alcoholic single mother striving to impress Alex (Beth Harmon’s adoptive mother).

The strong character of Jolene, embodying both sorrow and hope, made a strong impression on viewers. Furthermore, this character served as a great platform to display Barker’s wide acting range, leading her on a successful acting journey.

Ruby Barker’s Recent Work

Following The Queen’s Gambit, Ruby Barker reached new heights in her acting career. Her recent works have established that she is a unique and highly versatile talent, not afraid to take on projects that lead her further into the limelight.

In 2021, Barker starred in BBC Three’s short film ‘Coming Up’ and BBC One’s miniseries ‘Gold Digger’ as Verdene. In addition, she will be part of the main cast in a upcoming drama series called ‘The Chain’, alongside is being featured in two feature films this year, ‘Lena’ and ‘The Othenboths Way’.

In the upcoming years, new exciting projects for Ruby Barker are expected to arrive.

Ruby Barker on Social Media

Ruby Barker is quite active on her social media accounts. She posts frequently about her work, current projects, and glimpses into her daily life.

At just 19, Barker’s brand is a fortunate combination between sophisticated, eclectic style and schoolgirl vibes. She has managed to make her presence felt on Instagram with her fun posts and her current follower base of 114K — and growing!

Barker has also recently ventured into YouTube, where she has already received massive support with her channel ‘Ruby Marie’, where she is open and honest about her thoughts and feelings and provides viewers a peek into her life.

Ruby Barker is making major strides in the showbiz industry and her fans are looking forward to further up-wards-growth in her career. She is one emerging actress to look out for as she continues to explore new projects and characters.

Ruby Barker is an emerging actress to keep your eye on. Engaged on both television, film, and various advertisement campaigns, Barker managed to make a name for herself with her powerful and genuine acting chops. Her most iconic performance was in The Queen’s Gambit, and since then she has taken on a variety of projects showcasing her talent and wide range.

Finally, Barker is a force to be reckoned with on social media and is the role model for many aspiring young actresses. Her presence on Instagram and YouTube have made an undeniable impact and what lies ahead for her career is unknown. Luckily, we’ll be here to witness and cheer Marie along as she takes the road to success.

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