The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: TV Series Analysis

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A TV Series Analysis  

The power of television entertainment cannot be denied. With so many new and emerging forms of television series being released weekly, it can be hard to keep track of which ones are worth watching. That’s where we come in: today, we will break down some of the best and worst tv series currently available, so that you can make the most informed decision when choosing what series to watch and what to avoid.

The Good  

The Good Place

Created by Michael Shur, the creator of the widely popular series, Parks and Recreation, The Good Place is a hilarious take on the afterlife. With an all-star cast featuring Kristen Bell, William Jackson Harper, and Ted Danson, this show successful blends humorous and witty dialogue with an emotional story arc. It explores themes of morality, redemption, and ethics, through a unique and entertaining lens.

Game of Thrones

Few series have gained the kind of worldwide success that has come from phenomenon such as Game of Thrones. Based on the fantasy novels written by George R. R. Martin, this show has won over millions of fans with its unique setting and spectacular narrative. It revolves around a large cast who are all vying for control over the seven kingdoms of Westeros, and the show expertly weaves together political drama, gratuitous violence, and even elements of the supernatural.

Stranger Things

The nostalgic ‘80s setting of Stranger Things has won over fans all over the world, and with its new seasons, it shows no signs of stopping. The series follows the life of teenager and his friends in the small town of Hawkins, as they discover a hidden realm of interdimensional monsters that threaten the town’s safety. Stranger Things features an amazing cast, and the balance between characters’ personal arcs, and the larger narrative of Hawkins is masterfully effective.

The Bad  

2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls is a comedy series about two waitresses who hope to save enough money to open their own cupcake shop. Though its lead characters may be likable, the show’s writing consists of cheap, racist jokes and cringeworthy puns. It relies too heavily on formulaic sitcom tropes that have been done better elsewhere, making it a show best left in the past.

Big Little Lies

This series is adapted from the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty, and tells the story of three mothers living in affluent California. Big Little Lies initially garnered strong reviews for its strong performances and female-driven focus, though its constant melodrama and reliance on sudsy plot points wastes these strengths.

The Ugly  


An adaptation of the Archie comics, Riverdale follows the teen inhabitants of the same name town. The series kicks off well enough, with an intriguing mystery and depthful characters. Unfortunately, the plot quickly devolves into a bizarre, convoluted mess. The series shifts genres and tones more times than would be possible in a single season, and the plot’s resolution depends heavily on plot conveniences and deus ex machina moments.

13 Reasons Why

This series tells the stories of various high school students and their involvement with a classmate’s suicide. The show drawn in fans with its intense plot and charismatic core characters. However, the show falls apart due to its heavily controversial subject manner and exploitative manner. It gives little necessary context to its sensitive subject matter, and lacks an overall message of hope or positivity.

Choosing the right TV series can be a daunting task. Fortunately, with this comprehensive analysis of some of the best and worst tv series around, you can make an informed decision when selecting which one to watch. Try out some of the ‘good’ series we mentioned, such as The Good Place and Game of Thrones. And be sure to avoid the ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’ series that have made our list, like 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale.

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