The Office: Top Times Michael Scott Was Actually a Good Boss

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Michael Scott: The Underrated Boss in The Office

When it comes to iconic sitcoms, few manage to touch the hearts of viewers quite like the popular show The Office. This single-camera mockumentary chronicled the lives of workers in an everyday Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch office and their larger-than-life leader, Regional Manager Michael Scott. Invariably, Michael Scott often made some cringe-worthy decisions throughout the show’s run. However, despite his failings, Michael Scott was an undeniably great boss. Here are the top ten times Michael Scott was a good boss in The Office.

  1. When He Offered to Help Pam

In a sweet and kind gesture, Michael Scott offered to help Pam Beeby, one of the show’s main characters, get back on her feet. After she decides to leave her receptionist job and pursue her career as an artist, Michael gave her enough financial support to last until she got her first commission. Although Michael often struggled with expressing himself and communicating his feelings in a practical way, his unyielding support of Pam was a major positive quality that set him apart from other bosses.

  1. His Commitment to Quality

When it came to product quality and customer satisfaction, Michael Scott was a stickler. He was known for more than simply adhering to Dunder Mifflin’s company standards, but also his own higher expectations as a leader. It didn’t matter if it was a large conference meeting or a quick visit to the local paper distribution plant; Michael held himself and his employees to a high standard and encouraged them to be passionate and creative.

  1. His Creativity

Michael Scott was always a creative thinker and was known to inspire out-of-the-box solutions. He continually looked to innovate while utilizing the latest technologies and products. It was this creativity that drove many of his successess as a boss. Though some of his outbursts may have rubbed people the wrong way, Michael was never afraid to think outside the box and harness his creativity for the betterment of his employees.

  1. His Ability to Delegate

Delegating work was one of Michael’s greatest strengths. He was a master of delegation and knew which tasks to assign to his employees in order to maximize productivity and efficiency. He always trusted and deferred to his team, which in turn earned their loyalty.

  1. His Humor

Though it may sound simple, Michael Scott’s sense of humor was the key to his success as a boss. His ability to make light of any situation endeared him to his employees, making them more receptive to his ideas and suggestions. He wasn’t afraid to admit his mistakes and turned punishments into creative lessons with a smile—something that was always appreciated.

  1. His Openness to New Ideas

One of Michael’s biggest qualities as a boss was his willingness to hear out new ideas and suggestions. Michael wasn’t the type to be stubborn and shut down an idea if he didn’t like it. Instead, he was always open to hearing his employees’ thoughts and offering constructive feedback, allowing them to innovate and stay creative in a safe environment.

  1. His Leadership Skills

When the going got tough, no one could inspire a team quite like Michael. He had a natural charisma that seemed to draw people in, inspiring and motivating them to take on difficult tasks with a positive attitude. He wasn’t afraid to take on a challenge and often pushed his team to perform in ways they never thought possible.

  1. His Kindness

Michael Scott was known to be a kind and generous leader. He was always willing to help his employees and offered dead-end projects to those who needed extra hours. He also put forth his own funds to help his staff who were in need, including offering to pay for Dwight Schrute’s wedding as well as letting Toby Flenderson out of a $2,000 debt.

  1. His Support for Local Charities

Another great quality about Michael Scott was his support for local charities. He was the driving force of several initiatives that, over the course of the show, have raised thousands of dollars for causes. Through his support, Michael was able to make a big difference in his local community.

  1. His Loyalty

Michael Scott was without-a-doubt a loyal leader. He was willing to go to great lengths to keep his employees and served as a mentor-like figure for them throughout their tenure at Dunder Mifflin. Even when he was confronted with difficult decisions and pressure from corporate, he stood by his employees and insisted that their well-being was always his first priority. In return, they remained loyal to him throughout their careers at the office.

Michael Scott may have been an incorrigible boss at times, but he was still an undeniably great leader. While some of his antics could be considered cringe-worthy, it’s clear that he brought a level of creativity and emotional intelligence to the office that his employees appreciated. It’s no surprise that The Office is still beloved by audiences today, in part due to the lovable and often misunderstood character of Michael Scott. Though he may have made some reckless decisions from time to time, his devoted and passionate approach to leadership set him apart from other bosses.

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