The Originals: Quotes That Made Us Love Freya Mikaelson

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In the popular spin-off series The Originals, Freya Mikaelson made her appearance in the fourth episode of the first season and quickly established herself as an inspiring and powerful character. Though she is only a supporting role in the show, Freya has now become one of the most popular figures of The Originals. Her unpredictable yet powerful character is relatable to many and her journey in The Originals has left us inspired. Quotes by Freya Mikaelson have been used by many to bring out the strength and determination in them. In this article, let’s discuss some of the most powerful and inspirational quotes by Freya Mikaelson that made us all fall in love with her character.

About Freya Mikaelson

Freya Mikaelson is the first born of her family, and is a powerful witch. She was born to Mikael, the werewolf hunter and Esther, a powerful witch and was given the powers of both a witch and a werewolf. This made her family members view her with suspicion and mistrust as she showed promising signs of using her powers as a weapon. Hence, she was sent away to be trained in magic at a young age and even during her return, she was forced to keep her powers a secret from her siblings. As a result, she was always kept out in the family circle.

Quotes That Inspire Us Of Freya Mikaelson We Love

Freya has had her fair share of hardships, yet she has always chosen to rise above it. Her words have had an effect on many and her courage and strength are inspiring. Let’s look at some of the most iconic quotes of Freya Mikaelson that we fell in love with.

  1. “Don’t let fear stop you”

Freya was always afraid of using her powers as she felt it may cause harm. However, in season 1, episode 3 she finally musters up courage and decides to not let her fear overpower her and she decides to use her powers for the protection of her family. This quote has resonated with many, who have overcome their fears and found success in life.

  1. “My power is not something to be feared.”

When Freya returns to The Originals, she is immediately rejected by her siblings and the only one who trusts her power is her father. This is a quote Freya tells her family to reassure them that instead of viewing her magic as a weapon, they should look at it as a way to protect and save them. A reminder to us all that our strength is something not to be feared and should instead be used to our benefit.

  1. “My will is strong enough to protect me”

Freya’s will power is known to be strong and she does not let anyone decide her fate. In season 2 episode 4, she is forced to undertake a ritual against her will. However, she finds a way out and reverses the spell using her own magical power. Her will power is reflected in this powerful quote which shows that we all have the power within to draw strength from and also protect ourselves.

  1. “I am proud to be me”

Despite all the hardships faced throughout her journey, Freya still has faith in herself. This is seen repeatedly throughout the series when she stands up for herself and chooses the right path. In season 4 episode3, Freya tells her family that she is proud of who she is and that she has found the courage to always stand up for what is right. An inspirational quote that reassures us to never forget to be proud of who we are and our individualities.

  1. “We all make mistakes but our strength is how we handle them”

Freya has made mistakes in the past but it never defines her character. She has always been resilient and accepted her faults which made her stronger. This quote highlights how mistakes are inevitable but our character is determined by how we handle them. An amazing reminder to never give up and stay strong in the face of adversity.

Freya Mikaelson is an inspiring character whose journey through The Originals has mesmerized us all. Her character’s resilience, will power and courage is something we cannot help but admire. Quotes given by Freya depict how she views life and her ability to always rise above her mistakes and face them is admirable. The quotes given by her also serves as an inspiration to many to stay strong in life and remind us of our own values and strength.

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