The Vampire Diaries Universe: Most Overused Storylines

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In the past decade, there has been no shortage of supernatural-based TV shows. The Vampire Diaries Universe has been one of the most successful fantasy/horror franchises in recent memory, with its world-building becoming a pop culture phenomenon. Unfortunately, despite its soaring fan base and high viewership numbers, The Vampire Diaries has often been criticized for its heavy reliance on overdone or formulaic story arcs. 

Many of the series’ most memorable motifs have been overused, rehashed, and made commonplace. This article will discuss seven of the most repetitive and overused storylines in The Vampire Diaries Universe.

Overview of The Vampire Diaries Universe

The Vampire Diaries Universe is a world of supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves, witches, and hybrids. It all began in 2009, with the launch of the eponymous TV series The Vampire Diaries, based on the best-selling novels by L.J. Smith. Since then, the universe has been expanded with The Originals, Legacies, and other spin-offs. The Universe has spawned several books, a web series, and other media content. It tells the story of a group of teenaged friends, all with supernatural abilities, trying to survive the terrifying creatures of the night. The series has been praised for its intricate mythologies, its passionate fan base, and its high-stakes action-adventure narrative.

The 7 Most Overused Storylines From The Vampire Diaries Universe

  1. The Vampire-Human Love Triangle

Perhaps the single-most recognizable and recurring plotline across the entire Vampire Diaries Universe is the Vampire-Human Love Triangle. Almost every season, it seems the main protagonists are entwined with two supernatural-yet-entirely-enchanting suitors vying for their hearts. The Vampire-Human Love Triangle has been featured in every part of the franchise, no matter how small or large. Whether it’s Stefan and Damon Salvatore competing for Elena Gilbert’s affections or the Originals battling for Hayley’s, this tired trope has become the overwhelmingly popular trope of the Vampire Diaries World.

  1. The Immortal Big Bad

Another staple of the Vampire Diaries Universe is the immortal villain, often referred to as the Big Bad. This character usually appears in the form of a powerful witch, warlock, hybrid, or ancient vampire. He or she is usually determined to wreak havoc on the gang of protagonists, and is usually responsible for much of the season’s chaos. Katherine Pierce and Klaus Mikaelson have been two of the most prominent Big Bads, but many others have been included in the ensemble cast throughout the show’s existence.

  1. The Council or Coven

The Council of Magical Elders is a frequent feature in the world of The Vampire Diaries. From witches to hybrids and vampires, this mysterious entity is responsible for maintaining the balance between the supernatural and human worlds. The Council is often portrayed as a monolithic ruling body or coven, providing cryptic counsel and information to the narrative’s central figures.

  1. The Mystic Falls Curse

The Mystic Falls Curse is one part of The Vampire Diaries mythos that has been featured in almost every corner of the Universe. According to legend, a powerful witch cursed the town of Mystic Falls centuries ago, enslaving its inhabitants to a horrific cycle of death and resurrection. The Curse plays a major role throughout the series, often forcing the protagonists to find a way to break it or prevent it from strengthening.

  1. The Small Town Setting

The Vampire Diaries Universe is largely set in the quaint town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. This setting has been a defining feature of the show since its inception. The small-town atmosphere provides a safe haven for the protagonists as well as an ideal playground for supernatural dangers. It also allows for a more tightly-knit community and a cultural backdrop that contains both the protagonists and their adversaries in close proximity.

  1. The Hybrid Superpowers

Hybrids—part vampires, part werewolves—are a major element of the Vampire Diaries mythos. They are born with a unique set of superpowers that make them formidable to the other supernatural creatures in the series. Superhuman strength, speed, agility, and other enhanced abilities make the hybrids immensely dangerous, but also a potent weapon for our protagonists to wield against their enemies.

  1. The Prophesied Savior

The Vampire Diaries Universe is no stranger to prophesied saviors. These characters are often born with a special gift or power that could turn the tide in the never-ending battle between darkness and light. Elena Gilbert’s doppelgänger heritage was a precondition of this prophesied hero-type, while Hope Mikaelson was similarly believed to be the great savior of the supernatural.

The Vampire Diaries Universe has been a fan-favorite series since its launch over a decade ago. It is a world filled with lush and captivating mythologies, and its narrative structure keeps fans locked in season after season. Despite its addictive entertainment quality, the series has often been censured for its heavy reliance on overused tropes and storyline formulas. This article discussed seven of the most common and tediously repeated narrative arcs featured in The Vampire Diaries Universe, including the Vampire-Human Love Triangle, the Immortal Big Bad, the Mystic Falls Curse, and others.

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