Top Amazing Auditions On America’s Got Talent

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What Are the Top Amazing Auditions on America’s Got Talent?

Every year, millions of viewers tune in to watch the popular talent show America’s Got Talent. The show is highly acclaimed for the wide variety of performers it showcases and the span of talent it has featured. With every season, there are a few standout acts that mesmerize people with their unique and amazing performances. Here are some of the most talked about, impressive and interesting auditions from the show.

  1. Kseniya Simonova

Kseniya Simonova, a Ukrainian sand artist, stands out as one of the show’s most memorable performances. Simonova’s act combines her unique sand animation with a powerful story about the invasion of Ukraine. The judges and the audience were mesmerized by the articulate precision of her performance and the emotions it was able to evoke. Because of her amazing audition, Simonova went on to win the show in 2009.

  1. Light Balance

Light Balance, an innovative dance and light show seemed to be a popular act of the show. The Ukraine based performance company impressed the judges and the audience with their creative use of light and glow-in-the-dark costumes. They often included jaw-dropping effects and sensational visuals in their performances. Judges Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum even found it to be a particularly hard to judge act, because of the awe it instilled. Light balance went on to become the show’s runner up in the 2017 season.

  1. Eric Johns

Eric Johns, a former Marine, proved to be a success in 2017 season. He stunned the judges and audience with a stirring rendition of Etta James’ classic At Last. With his heartfelt and powerful voice, Eric moved the audience to tears and even won the golden buzzer from judge Mel B. Eric Johns incorporated humor in his audition and made lasting impressions with his well-deserved standing ovation and his unique talent.

  1. Brian Justin Crum

Brian Justin Crum is an American singer, who went on to become one of the most famous acts of the show’s 2016 season. His audition was a heated rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. His powerhouse vocals, along with the emotion that he was able to evoke, garnered him a standing ovation and four yeses from judges. Crum’s immense success in his audition catapulted him to one of the final rounds of the season.

  1. Pianist Virtuoso

Romanian pianist virtuoso, Andrei Rădiruță, mesmerized the audience with his rendition of Bach’s Minuet No.3 in 2015. His immense talent and powerful display of artistry drew in the attention of the audience and the judges. His audition even earned him a standing ovation from the judges. Rădiruță made quite the impact with his audition and reached the semi-final round of the show that season. He continues to tour the country and amaze audiences with his talent.

  1. Billy and Emily England

The brother and sister duo Billy and Emily England, amazed the judges with their roller skating skills in the 2017 season. The siblings exhibited artistry, athleticism and skill as they synchronized their dizzying moves. Their unique and vibrant routine won them a golden buzzer and three yeses from the judges. Not only did they manage to clinch the golden buzzer, but they also went on to the finals.

  1. The Sacred Riana

The Sacred Riana competed in the 2018 season, and she created an remarkable performance out of her horror based magic. She incorporated terrifying themes, special effects, and eerie music to leave the audience and judges scared and awestruck. The combination of her innovative and impressive magic feats brought her forward to the grand finale of the season.

  1. Double Dragon

Double Dragon, a duo of aerialists, managed to capture the attention of the audience and judges with their remarkable performance in the 2019 season. The duo’s breathtaking and dynamic display of stunts on a suspended cloud of fabric and mesh amazed the audience. They were even praised for their creativity and skill that it was able to display. Double Dragon was awarded two yeses and saw success in the season’s competition.

There have been a variety of noteworthy and amazing performances on America’s Got Talent. From acrobatic dance acts to auditions featuring controlled emotions, the show is a treat to watch. Auditions like Kseniya Simonova and Eric Jones provide a showcase for the powerful and emotive side of the show. On the other hand acts like Double Dragon and Light Balance exhibit the spectacular and brilliant side of the show. It is no wonder that the show is loved by so many people, and why the acts which prominently feature on the show often go on to become popular favorites.

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