Top Exciting New Books From Up-and-Coming Authors

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Discovering new books from up-and-coming authors can be an exciting and rewarding experience for any reader. Every year, authors from a variety of backgrounds release works that offer something new, whatever the genre. Whether you are looking for fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, non-fiction, historical fiction, or literary fiction, there are plenty of new books from up and coming authors to choose from.

In this article, we explore some of the top exciting new books from up-and-coming authors available in 2020. These books not only feature new and unique stories but also offer compelling and unique perspectives. From dystopian tales to politically motivated works, these new books offer something for everyone.

Fantasy Books

  1. Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo: Ninth House is an urban fantasy novel by American author Leigh Bardugo. Set in modern-day New Haven, Connecticut, Ninth House tells a dark and thrilling story of Alex Stern, who survives a near-death experience to become Yale University’s first “Gatekeeper”. As Alex struggles to gain acceptance in the mysterious network of secret societies that control the university, she uncovers a supernatural scandal that could bring the university to its knees.

  2. The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley: Kameron Hurley’s The Mirror Empire is an exciting and imaginative book filled with epic battles and mystical creatures. In the far future, two competing empires are locked in a struggle for power that threatens to engulf the entire planet. The reader is taken on an adventure as five parallel worlds collide with devastating consequences.

  3. Uprooted by Naomi Novik: Uprooted by Naomi Novik is a fantasy novel in which a rural village is threatened by a powerful, evil force known as theWood. The story follows Agnieszka, a young woman with no magical powers, who is chosen by the Dragon, a local wizard, as his apprentice. In order to save the village and protect her family, Agnieszka must use her courage, ingenuity, and determination to defeat the terrifying evils of theWood.

Science Fiction Books

  1. The Vector by Bonnie Jo Campbell: The Vector is a science fiction novel by Bonnie Jo Campbell. Set in the near future, The Vector tells the story of Dr. Willa Magnusson, a scientist who must use her skills to save humanity from an invisible enemy known as the vector. As the vector rapidly spread through the world, Willa and her team must find a way to counteract the effects of the deadly virus before it’s too late.

  2. The Martian by Andy Weir: The Martian by Andy Weir is a sci-fi novel that tells the story of Mark Watney, an astronaut stranded in space after his crew is forced to evacuate the planet. With limited resources, Watney must find a way to survive in the hostile Martian environment while he awaits rescue. Will he be able to survive?

  3. Red Rising by Pierce Brown: Red Rising is a science-fiction dystopian novel by author Pierce Brown. Set in the future where humanity is stratified by a strict social system based on color, Red Rising follows Darrow, a young man living in poverty in the lowest caste. Darrow is determined to break free from his oppressive system and rise up against those in control.

Thriller Books

  1. Printer’s Devil Court by Susan Hill: Printer’s Devil Court by Susan Hill is a psychological thriller set in 19th century London. The book follows the story of a group of aristocrats who are determined to unmask the murderer of a young girl. To do so, they enlist the help of a talented but mysterious young man named Jeremy who seems to have a strange connection to the underworld.

  2. Undertow by Michael Buckley: Undertow is a thriller novel by Michael Buckley that follows a group of teenage castaways on a remote tropical island. In the midst of a fierce storm, the group is faced with the reality that there is something dark and sinister lurking in the shadows of the island. With their lives on the line, the young castaways must face the dangers of the island in order to survive.

  3. The Death and Life of John F. Donovan by Emily Schultz: The Death and Life of John F. Donovan is a thrilling novel by Emily Schultz. Set in the modern day, the book follows the story of the controversial death of a beloved Hollywood actor. As his family, friends, and fans struggle to make sense of his death, the truth about the circumstances of his death comes to light.

Historical Fiction Books

  1. A Faint Cold Fear by Karin Slaughter: A Faint Cold Fear is a historical fiction novel by Karin Slaughter. Set in post-WWII Savannah, the book tells the story of a young girl struggling to come to terms with her father’s death. As she slowly unravels the mystery surrounding his death, she must learn to come to terms with her past and the fear it brings.

  2. The Wall by John Lanchester: The Wall is a historical fiction novel by John Lanchester set in a future dystopian London. The city is surrounded by an impenetrable wall, and the citizens are struggling with a brutal government, a failing economy, and the ever-increasing surveillance of the state. As dissent brews and a revolution begins, the reader is taken through a thrilling and terrifying journey filled with violence and despair.

  3. Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys: Salt to the Sea is a historical fiction novel by Ruta Sepetys, depicting the devastating story of a group of refugees trying to escape Nazi-occupied Prussia during World War II. Through alternating chapters and unique perspectives, the novel offers an insightful and heartbreaking look at the effects of war on ordinary people.

Literary Fiction Books

  1. An American Marriage by Tayari Jones: An American Marriage is a powerful and thought-provoking novel by Tayari Jones. The book tells the story of a newlywed African American couple whose lives are thrown into disarray when the husband is unjustly imprisoned. As the wife struggles to make sense of her life and marriage, the novel explores the effects of injustice, racism, and the search for redemption.

  2. The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin: The Fifth Season is a literary fantasy novel written by N.K. Jemisin. Set in a world on the brink of apocalyptic disaster, the novel follows three young women who must face the consequences of their actions in order to save their world. The novel is set in a dystopian world filled with compelling characters, thrilling plot twists, and intriguing themes about power and love.

  3. There There by Tommy Orange: There There is a literary fiction novel by Tommy Orange. Set in Oakland, California, the novel follows twelve Native Americans as they prepare to attend the Big Oakland Powwow, each with their own individual reasons. Through the different characters’ stories, Tommy Orange’s novel examines the lives of Native Americans in the 21st century.

Up and coming authors offer readers an opportunity to experience fresh stories, perspectives, and ideas. In this article, we have explored some of the top exciting new books released in 2020 from up and coming authors. Whether you prefer fantasy, science fiction thrillers, non-fiction, historical fiction, or literary fiction, there is a book for you. So why not take a chance and try a new book from an up-and-coming author? You never know, it just might be the best book you’ve ever read.

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