Which is better Game of Thrones or House of dragon?

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Game of Thrones vs House of Dragon: A Look At Their Strengths and Weaknesses  

When it comes to choosing between HBO’s blockbuster hit series Game of Thrones and the highly anticipated prequel House of Dragon, there’s no easy answer. Both have great storylines and excellent production values, and both offers a unique world for viewers to explore. So which is the better show? Here we take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of Game of Thrones and House of Dragon to determine which entertainment experience offers the most for viewers.

Differences in Plot  

One of the most obvious differences between the two shows is the plot. Game of Thrones is an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series and follows the struggles of Westeros’ many noble families. House of Dragon, meanwhile, is set hundreds of years before the events of Game of Thrones and follows the Targaryen family as they plan to take control of Westeros. As a result, gameplay and plot points vary significantly between the two series.

Game of Thrones  


The first advantage that Game of Thrones has over its successor is its exceedingly well-crafted plot. Drawing on five volumes of Martin’s work, the show manages to unfold complex storylines in interesting and compelling ways. Its sprawling, multi-layered narrative structures also allow for unique and interesting characters and relationships to develop over time.

Moreover, Game of Thrones features an incredible cast of beloved and notable actors, including Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage. This, in combination with the individual talents of the showrunners and author, make the series stand out from many other fantasy adaptations.


The biggest criticism that can be made of Game of Thrones is its decline in the later seasons. After Martin failed to produce the sixth book before the 8th season of the show was set to come out, the showrunners had to come up with their own storylines. While some of these plot points were successful, many were found lacking, leading to disappointment among fans of the series.

House of Dragon  


House of Dragon has certainly hit the ground running in terms of expectations. While the show won’t be premiering until 2022, the plot promises a thrilling journey as fans learn more about the origins of the Targaryen dynasty. Additionally, the cast already boasts a number of renowned actors, such as Matt Smith and Olivia Cooke, and the show has an incredibly talented showrunner in the form of author Josef Garcia.

Moreover, since House of Dragon is set in a time period before Game of Thrones, there is plenty of room for new plotlines and unexplored lore. This means that the show will be able to draw upon both established canon from the previous series and add its own unique elements to create a truly captivating series.


The biggest downside to House of Dragon is that it still has yet to be released, meaning that viewers are yet to get a full sense as to how the show will turn out. Additionally, there is also the worry that the show may be unable to live up to its predecessor due to the vast amount of hype and expectations that surround it.

Verdict: Which is the Better Show?  

Ultimately, it is impossible to definitively say which show is the better one until House of Dragon premieres. However, from what we know so far, it can be deduced that both shows have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Game of Thrones has a well-crafted plot from its original source material, great acting and production values, but falls flat in the last seasons. House of Dragon, on the other hand, is set to offer a unique spin on the Thrones universe, but has yet to prove itself due to its unfinished nature.

Clearly, it is still too early to decide which show is superior. While fans will no doubt be drawn to one series over the other, ultimately, it is a matter of personal preference. As such, both shows should be given a chance to prove their worth before a final verdict is cast.

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