Best UFO Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

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Best UFO Documentaries On Netflix Right Now 

UFO sightings have been reported around the world for centuries – but only in the past few decades has the concept of unidentified flying objects, alien lifeforms and extraterrestrial civilizations been explored by documentary filmmakers. Now, Netflix has a great selection of documentaries about the phenomenon that explore sightings, theories and evidence of extraterrestrial encounters. Here, we’ll take a look at the best UFO documentaries that Netflix has to offer currently, examining everything from hard science to first-person eyewitness accounts.

UFO History – Uncovering The Unknown 

The first documentary on our list is UFO History – Uncovering the Unknown. This documentary takes a fresh look at the history of UFO sightings and the search for extraterrestrials, interviewing experts and victims of alien encounters. The documentary examines sightings from the 1940s up to the present, using recovered artifacts and revealing interviews to paint an up-to-date picture of our knowledge about the mysterious phenomenon.

The Phenomenon 

The Phenomenon is an intriguing new documentary from James Fox that explores the history of UFO sightings and encounters from a global perspective. Drawing on archival footage and interviews with experts, The Phenomenon weaves together a narrative that covers everything from the Roswell Incident to close encounters in Mexico and Australia. The documentary presents a compelling case for the idea that there is something in our midst that could be classified as extraterrestrial.

Encounter In The Third Dimension 

Encounter in the Third Dimension takes a look at the supernatural and mysterious occurrences associated with UFOs and extraterrestrials through a unique lens – three-dimensional animation. The documentary features haunting recreations of sightings, alien encounters and other paranormal events as well as interviews with witnesses and authorities. Encounter in the Third Dimension is an engrossing journey into the paranormal and takes viewers on an amazing journey around the globe.

Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation 

Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation is an up-close and personal look inside the US government’s secretive search for extraterrestrial lifeforms. The documentary was spearheaded by a special task force assembled by the United States Senate in 2017, dubbed the “Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program.” Featuring interviews from witnesses and accounts from inside the task force, Unidentified gives viewers a firsthand look at a strange and unexplained phenomenon.

The Prime Radicals 

The Prime Radicals is a documentary about a group of scientists, mathematicians, and astronomers who discover that extraterrestrial phenomena may be linked to a series of prime numbers. The team embarks on a daring mission to uncover the mystery, but as the film progresses it becomes clear that something more sinister is lurking beneath the surface than meets the eye. With its thrilling narrative and suspenseful atmosphere, The Prime Radicals is a must-watch for any UFO enthusiast.

Area 51: Declassified 

Area 51: Declassified is an investigative documentary that takes viewers on an unprecedented journey inside the mysterious installation in Nevada. For over 50 years, Area 51 has been a hotbed of intrigue, speculation, and conspiracy theories, but never before have the secrets of the world’s most secretive military base been revealed in such detail. Exploring Area 51 through modern day interviews and declassified documents, the documentary is an eye-opening look at one of the world’s most mysterious places.

Flight 828: The Mystery 

Flight 828: The Mystery is a gripping documentary that follows the case of a mysterious flight that disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean and then reappeared after two years. As the film progresses, it is revealed that the flight may have been part of a government operation to explore the paranormal, and that its disappearance was caused by an otherworldly force. Featuring interviews with survivors, experts, and government officials, Flight 828: The Mystery is an engrossing and thrilling look into the mysterious world of UFOs.


Extraterrestrial is a riveting documentary that examines the evidence behind claims of extraterrestrial life and its effects on human society. Featuring interviews with scientists, UFO experts, and eyewitness accounts, the film paints a vivid picture of a potential new reality – one that could have immense implications for the way we understand our place in the universe.

The Truth Behind Aliens 

The Truth Behind Aliens is a captivating documentary that digs deep into the world of UFOs and aliens. Featuring interviews with leading UFO researchers and eyewitness accounts of sightings, the film takes viewers on an eye-opening journey into a world that was previously overlooked by science. The Truth Behind Aliens presents interesting research, compelling evidence, and thought-provoking insights into the mysterious and fascinating world of extraterrestrials.

The Unexplained 

The Unexplained is a must-watch documentary that looks into the world of the paranormal, examining a series of unexplained events and unexplained phenomena. Drawing from stories from around the world, the film explores the mystery behind ghosts, poltergeists, alien abductions, and more. Featuring interviews from experts, psychologists, and alleged victims, The Unexplained is an intriguing look into the world of the supernatural and its impact on people’s lives.

Thanks for checking out our list of the best UFO documentaries currently streaming on Netflix. Whether you’re looking to explore the history behind UFO sightings or just want to dive into the mystery with an intriguing investigation, there’s something here that is sure to give you an out of this world experience. So, grab some popcorn and get ready to explore the world of the unexplainable!

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