Stranger Things: Underrated Relationships We Wish Had More Screen Time

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The small town of Hawkins, Indiana has provided viewers of Stranger Things with an action-packed science fiction series for three seasons now. Throughout the course of the show, we have seen dynamic relationships form between the group of kids and adults. The show has become iconic for its depiction of the intense brotherly bond between Will and Jonathan, along with the bravery and wit of fan favorite mad-scientist, Joyce. 

With so many great relationships to root for, it is easy to overlook some of the underrated pairs in Stranger Things that we wish had more screen time. This article will explore five of the most appealing pairings in Stranger Things that we feel should be further developed as the show continues.

Five Stranger Things Relationships We Think Need More Screen Time

  1. Hopper and Murray: Throughout the series, these two have gone back and forth in terms of their relationship, with Murray jumping through hoops to help Hopper on his ambitious mission to close the portals between the upside down and the real world. Murray’s scientific analysis has been invaluable to Hopper’s investigations and it would be great to see more of their dynamic as the show continues.

  2. Max and Bob: Bob enters the scene a latecomer, but his enthusiasm and fatherly affection for the group make him an instant fan favorite. His relationship with Max has been especially sweet to watch, and it would be great to see their relationship further highlighted in season 4. Bob is the perfect contrast to Max’s super-cool but tough exterior and from the hints we’ve seen so far, these two could have many more heartwarming moments if given the chance.

  3. Steve and Robin: From the start Steve and Robin’s chemistry was undeniable, and they had us hooked with their quick-witted conversations and genuine friendship. We’ve seen very little of the two together since Robin transferred to the new high school and Steve’s current love interest, and we are sure the dynamic between these two is far from over.

  4. Eleven and Max: One of the most tender relationships in Stranger Things has been between the two girls, Eleven and Max. As one of the only other female characters in the show, the two experienced a period of fierce competition before coming together to form an unstoppable team. Now these two are practically unbreakable and we can only imagine what more of their relationship could add to the show.

  5. Joyce and Hopper: We’ve seen Joyce and Hopper bicker, work together, and eventually become close friends in Stranger Things. We’ve seen hints at a romance between the two, and it would be nice to get the relationship out of the friend zone and get a more in-depth look into the dynamics between them.

Why We Relate To Stranger Things Relationships

Stranger Things does an excellent job of developing believable and strong relationships between its characters. From the close bond between Will, Dustin and Lucas to the heartwarming father-daughter relationship between Hopper and Eleven, it’s no secret that Stranger Things resonates with viewers because of its dynamic and multidimensional characters.

The show’s ability to connect with audiences is partially due to its presentation of relatability through the different relationships it showcases. For example, in season one we see the difficult brotherly relationship between Will and Jonathan come to life. Will’s disappearance causes a great strain between the two brothers, making it difficult for them to rely on one another. Sound familiar? So many of us have gone through a similar experience in our own lives and we are able to clearly relate to this situation.

Many of us also find ourselves in the unique bond between Steve and Dusty. As many of us have experienced at some point during our lives, there is often a competition between an older brother and a younger one, and this is perfectly illustrated in their relationship. Steve is the older brother, and he takes his role seriously by protecting his younger brother and teaching him the ropes of life. However, when it comes to the paranormal, it’s Dusty who takes the lead, teaching and protecting Steve time and time again. Despite the age gap between them, the two are able to form a strong bond, which speaks to those of us who have older or younger siblings.

Finally, one of the greatest relationships in the show is between Eleven and Hopper. Their bond is one that is full of love, understanding, and protection. We are able to relate to their story, as many of us have a special relationship with either a father figure, mother figure, or a close family member that we look up to for guidance and comfort.

Within Stranger Things we can find relationships that many of us are able to relate to.Even though we don’t actually get to see many of these relationships play out on screen, we can understand how special these bonds really are.

By watching the few relationships that we do get to witness between the characters, it’s clear why these are so essential to the success of the show. Some of the most underrated relationships that deserve more screen time in Stranger Things include Hopper and Murray, Max and Bob, Steve and Robin, Eleven and Max, as well as Joyce and Hopper.

Overall, we can see why these five relationships are so underrated and in need of more fans. By exploring their unique story arcs, Stranger Things will be able to continue to deliver the amazing relationships that it has become known for.

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