Bridgerton: The Best Episodes, Ranked

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Welcome to this definitive ranking of the best episodes of Bridgerton, the wildly popular Netflix series based on Julia Quinn’s novel series of the same name! In this article, I will be counting down the top nine episodes from the show’s first season.

This ranking will include a brief synopsis of the episode along with a detailed analysis of why it deserves to be placed on the list. By the end of this article, Bridgerton fans will have a solid idea of which episodes are definitively the best of the season.

Let’s get started!

9 – Shock and Delight

Shock and Delight, the 9th episode of Bridgerton, focuses on the day of Lady Melinda’s come-out. As her debutante ball approaches, Lady Melinda struggles with the differences between her own wishes and the will of her family. Ultimately, Lady Melinda is able to make her own decision and take control of her own destiny.

Shock and Delight is a fantastically written episode. It delves into the nuances of family dynamics and choice, which can be a sensitive topic for some. Additionally, the juxtaposition of the grandeur of Melinda’s come-out celebration and her inner turmoil over her own fate is an excellent example of the show’s ability to tackle important topics in a lighter, comedic manner.

8 – Swish

Swish is the 8th episode of Bridgerton, and it is filled with drama and romance. After Daphne and Simon take a turn around the dance floor, the two become embroiled in a game of wits and gossip. Meanwhile, Lady Featherington and Lady Danbury engage in a battle of wills as Lady Danbury insists that Lady Featherington make the right decisions for her daughter, Penelope.

Swish is a great episode that beautifully defines some of the core themes of Bridgerton. At its heart, this episode is about the importance of making good decisions and learning to stand up for yourself. This episode also reveals some compelling revelations about the characters’ pasts and presents an intriguing new love story between Daphne and Simon.

7 – AnAffairofHonor

An Affair of Honor is the 7th episode of Bridgerton, and it is packed with action and surprises. Daphne and Simon get into their most heated argument yet as Daphne tries to come to terms with the fact that Simon is not who she thought he was. Meanwhile, Lady Whistledown reveals a dangerous secret concerning the Bridgerton family.

An Affair of Honor is a fantastic example of the show’s ability to keep viewers on their toes with constant intrigue and twists. This episode is filled with breathtaking moments as the characters grapple with secrets and manipulation. Additionally, this episode brings the show’s central love story between Daphne and Simon to a thrilling climax.

6 – Queen’s Gambit

Queen’s Gambit is the 6th episode of Bridgerton, and it is the most explosive and entertaining of the season. In this episode, Daphne is faced with a difficult choice, as her desire for independence clashes with her familial obligations. Meanwhile, Simon throws a grand ball to impress Daphne’s mother, but he gets more than he bargained for.

Queen’s Gambit is an impeccably written episode that perfectly captures the passions and motivations of the characters. This episode also shines a light on the importance of family and the power of love. Additionally, the playful banter between Daphne and Simon is at its most intense here, making this one of the most romantic episodes of the season.

5 – Break a Leg

Break a Leg is an action-packed 5th episode of Bridgerton. In this episode, Eloise waits to hear the outcome of her accusation against Lady Danbury. Meanwhile, Daphne and Simon’s romance continues to blossom as they get to know one another better.

Break a Leg is a superbly written episode that perfectly encapsulates the tone of the show. This episode is filled with witty banter, suspense, and heartfelt moments. Additionally, viewers get to see the romantic tension between Daphne and Simon reach a fever pitch as they come closer to truly understanding one another.

4 – Reticence

Reticence is a thrilling 4th episode of Bridgerton, and it is one of the most intense of the season. In this episode, Eloise presses forward with her investigation into Lady Danbury’s secret. Meanwhile, Daphne and Simon participate in a wager with disastrous repercussions.

Reticence is a remarkably written episode that captures the thrilling nature of Bridgerton. This episode is filled with suspense and drama as the characters grapple with their inner demons. Additionally, viewers get to enjoy an exciting chess match between Daphne and Simon, and an intriguing new mystery is introduced.

3 – AnEligibleBachelor

An Eligible Bachelor is a riveting 3rd episode of Bridgerton and easily one of the best of the season. In this episode, the competition amongst the eligible bachelors heats up as they vie for Daphne’s attention. Meanwhile, Eloise must decide how far she is willing to go to uncover the truth.

An Eligible Bachelor is an engrossing episode that puts the show’s central mystery front and center. This episode is filled with the ballroom drama that is the show’s specialty, but it also raises the stakes with a gripping showdown between Lady Danbury and Lady Featherington. Additionally, this episode features some of the most heartwarming moments of the season.

2 – Haunting of Broughton Castle

Haunting of Broughton Castle is a suspenseful 2nd episode of Bridgerton and easily one of the most entertaining. In this episode, Daphne heads to the countryside for a house party, only to discover that there are secrets lurking in the shadows. Meanwhile, Simon and the rest of the eligible bachelors, including Lord Berbrooke, vie for Daphne’s attention.

Haunting of Broughton Castle is an impeccably written episode that perfectly captures the show’s romantic and thrilling aspects. This episode is filled with thrilling moments as Daphne attempts to uncover the mystery of Broughton Castle and fight off the advances of an overly amorous Lord Berbrooke. Additionally, viewers get to witness some of the most romantic interactions between Daphne and Simon of the entire season.

1 – Devil’sAdvocate

Devil’s Advocate is the season finale of Bridgerton and is by far the best episode of the entire season. In this episode, Lady Danbury unleashes her fury as Eloise overhears a catastrophic revelation. Meanwhile, Lady Whistledown is forced to confront Lady Danbury in order to protect the Bridgerton family.

Devil’s Advocate is by far the best episode of the season. This episode is a masterful blend of romance, drama, and suspense. As the show reaches its thrilling climax, viewers get to enjoy some of the absolute best stake-raising, dialogue, and musical moments of the season. Additionally, this episode features a brilliant confrontation between Lady Danbury and Lady Whistledown that is sure to leave viewers spellbound.

Bridgerton is an incredibly entertaining period drama that features fantastic writing, exciting action, and engaging characters. With the show’s first season, Bridgerton has established itself as one of the most exciting television series of the year.

Thanks for reading this definitive ranking of the top nine episodes of Bridgerton’s first season. While each episode of the show is enjoyable in its own right, the nine episodes listed here hold a special place in the hearts of fans. From the swoon-worthy romance of “Swish” to the thrilling conclusion of “Devil’s Advocate,” these episodes really bring the show to life.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, hopefully this ranking has given you the inspiration to dive into the best that Bridgerton has to offer.

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