Greatest Love Poems Ever Written

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Throughout the centuries, poets have written some of the greatest masterpieces to express love. Love is one of the most powerful emotions and has inspired some of the most beautiful works of art. Throughout the years, authors have written love poems to express their love for a loved one, friend, or family member. This article takes a look at some of the greatest love poems ever written and their impact on literature.

What Makes a Love Poem Great? 

A love poem can be something as simple as a few lines expressing one’s feelings or as elaborate as a complex story of romance and heartbreak. Regardless, what makes a love poem great is how it captures the feelings and emotions of the writer and the reader. Writing a great love poem requires more than just stringing words together. It requires the poet to deeply connect with the reader’s emotions and draw out the love they feel.

The Most Memorable Love Poems 

Throughout the centuries, love poets have written countless works that have had a lasting impact on literature. From Shakespeare to Wordsworth, here are some of the most memorable love poems ever written:

  1. Sonnet 116 – William Shakespeare:
    This poem is an iconic love poem that celebrates love in all its forms. This poem is full of imagery, which paints a picture of what it is to love and be loved. Shakespeare wrote this masterpiece with the intention of showing that true, everlasting love can overcome any challenge.

  2. Ulysses – Alfred Tennyson:
    This poem gives insight into the mind of a man in his old age, who looks back at his life and still feels called to explore, despite the discomfort. Despite his hesitation and his anticipation of death, he still feels called to action, so long as his health holds steady. Through its profound imagery, this poem expresses the emotion of longing and love in the face of a tragic end.

  3. The Passionate Shepherd to His Love – Christopher Marlowe:
    This poem outlines an inviting and sweet proposal made by a shepherd to his love. The poem is full of temptation as the shepherd calls her to come live with him in a place of peace and beauty. Through clever imagery and engaging language, the poet captures the feeling of love in its purest form.

  4. Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day – William Shakespeare:
    In this well-known sonnet, Shakespeare compares his love to a summer day by praising her beauty, charm and strength. He goes on to suggest that time changes all things, including summer, but that his love would remain the same. This poem is full of powerful language and imagery, thereby creating a lasting impression.

  5. I Carry Your Heart with Me – E.E. Cummings:
    E.E. Cummings’ poem brings a loving sentiment that is full of emotion but still offers a hint of humor. In this poem, Cummings is declaring his undying love and devotion to his partner, and that even when separated from them, he will carry their heart with him.

  6. Sonnet 18 – William Shakespeare:
    This sonnet is another one of Shakespeare’s well-known poems, which examines the concept of beauty and physical decay. Through this poem, Shakespeare shows that beauty does not have to fade, but rather can stand the test of time, for to him his beloved’s beauty never fades.

  7. Cease, To-Night, My Songs of Sorrow – John Keats:
    Often referred to as one of the greatest ever composed, this poem captures the pain of saying goodbye to a loved one. Through the poem, Keats conveys the sorrow of coming to terms with his partner’s departure, while at the same time expressing the hope that they will soon be reunited.

  8. The Wind Hover – Gerard Manley Hopkins:
    This poem is full of enthusiasm and hope as the narrator looks out at nature and exclaims the beauty surrounding him. Through this poem, Hopkins captures the awe and wonder of love that comes with meeting a kindred spirit.

  9. Love’s Philosophy – Percy Bysshe Shelley: In this poem, the narrator muses on the power of love and how it influences our behavior and ties us, to the world. Through the poem, Shelley conveys the idea that, when composed with love, all of nature works in harmony.

  10. Bright Star – John Keats: This poem contains a simple, heartfelt declaration of love from the narrator to his beloved. Despite the tone of sadness that resonates throughout the poem, the narrator expresses his eternal love, thereby believably conveying the emotion and the power of love.

Through their craft of words, poets have written some of the greatest works of art regarding love. From Ulysses to Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day, the poems featured above have captivated and entranced readers of all ages. All of these masterpieces provide us with insight into the power and beauty of love and its influence on the world.

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