How to Read the Witcher Books in Order

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How to Read the Witcher Books in Order

The Witcher is a series of fantasy novels and short stories, written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski and published in Polish between 1992 and 1999. The books follow the witcher Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter in a medieval fantasy world, as he hunts down creatures and solves mysteries. The series gained immense popularity when the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher became a global sensation in 2019, making it a great time to dive into the books for fans of the show. If you interest in reading the Witcher books, here’s how to read the Witcher books in order.

The Witcher Timeline

The Witcher timeline is a bit confusing, as it includes numerous books, several videogames, and the Netflix show. To help you navigate it, here is a timeline of all the officially recognized Witcher books from oldest to newest:

  1. The Last Wish (1993)
  2. Sword of Destiny (1992)
  3. Blood of Elves (1994)
  4. Time of Contempt (1995)
  5. Baptism of Fire (1996)
  6. The Tower of Swallows (1997)
  7. Lady of the Lake (1999)
  8. Season of Storms (2013)

Additionally, there are several Witcher short stories scattered all over the timeline, including “A Grain Of Truth”, “The Bounds of Reason”, “The Sword of Destiny” and more.

Witcher Books in Chronological Order

The Witcher books can be read in both chronological order and publication order.

Chronological Order:

  1. The Voice of Reason (short story)
  2. The Lesser Evil (short story)
  3. The Edge of the World (short story)
  4. The Last Wish
  5. Sword of Destiny
  6. A Grain of Truth (short story)
  7. The Bounds of Reason (short story)
  8. The Sword of Destiny (short story)
  9. Something More (short story)
  10. Baptism of Fire
  11. The Tower of Swallows
  12. The Lady of the Lake
  13. Season of Storms

The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny

The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny are the two initial books of The Witcher and often come as a set. While it’s possible to read them in any order, many prefer to read The Last Wish first. This is mainly because it centers around Geralt’s development and arc as a Character. Also, the novel contains several interludes, which make for a more balanced reading experience when The Last Wish is read first.

Blood of Elves and the Subsequent Novels

The third book in the series, Blood of Elves, brings the story to a whole new level – introducing more complexity to the already intricate storyline and expanding the world of the Witcher with new characters and locations. Reading Blood of Elves is the ideal fulcrum point for diving into the world of the Witcher before continuing with the subsequent novels: Time of Contempt, Baptism of Fire, Tower of Swallows, and Lady of the Lake.

Finally, fans of the Netflix show can read the newly released Season of Storms as a breath of fresh air and as an additional layer to the story. The last book in the series is set before the events of the first Witcher videogame, though it doesn’t add much detail to it.

The Witcher books provide readers with an extensive look into the world of The Witcher. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran fan, reading the Witcher books in the correct order will provide an easier and more enjoyable experience for you. It’s important to pay attention to the timeline in order to prevent any confusion. While the novels and stories can be read in either chronological or publication order, many fans prefer to start from the beginning and work their way forward. With the new Netflix adaptation and season of storms, it’s the perfect time to dive into the Witcher books.

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