Jacob Elordi: The Australian Sensation with a Brooding Charm

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 Jacob Elordi – Overview

The 25-year-old Aussie actor, Jacob Elordi, probably best known for his role alongside Joey King, his real-life girlfriend, in the 2018 Netflix original film, The Kissing Booth. But Elordi, who is of Australian and Dutch descent, has also made waves in Hollywood and has been making quite the name for himself in recent years. Most notably, he has played Nate Jacobs in the HBO series Euphoria, for which he gained critical acclaim for his performance. Elordi’s career is steadily growing, and he is showing immense promise as an actor, and is promoting himself as a youth icon for the next generation.

Early Life

Jacob Elordi was born in Brisbane, Australia on June 26, 1997, to his parents John Elordi, who is from Australia, and Melissa Elordi, who is grandmother is a Dutch Jew. Growing up, Elordi was described as an “anaesthetic and introspective child”, who enjoyed being alone and writing short stories, poems, and plays in his free time. Primarily, he spent time in the hills around his family’s home, often playing in the wilderness and riding horses, which he still does today.

At the age of 17, Elordi moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a career in acting Whilst in LA, Elordi signed with a talent agency, and soon after that began his ascent in Hollywood. This included roles on various television shows, namely Home and Away, and his first major Hollywood film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Rise To Fame

Elordi first garnered attention with his performance as Noah Flynn, in the 2018 Netflix Original film, The Kissing Booth. In this romantic comedy movie, Elordi and his real-life partner Joey King, starred as a teenage couple. The movie created an overwhelming buzz on social media and was touted as one of Netflix’s most successful Original films. The film propelled Elordi to fame, and he began to make the rounds in Hollywood, signing onto the HBO series, Euphoria.

In Euphoria, Elordi was cast alongside Zendaya in the role of Nate Jacobs, the bad boy high school student. This dramatic, dark and intense show developed a strong fan base, with Elordi’s performance, as an emotional and complex character with an intriguing presence, adding to the show’s success. With Elordi’s nuanced performance, he proved that he wasn’t just a pretty face but could also portray an edgier character; this in turn earned him recognition as an actor of repute.

Acting Style

With his brooding persona and charismatic looks, Elordi has gained a cult-like following, especially among the youth. Elordi is known for his ability to easily switch between the various characters he plays, capturing the audiences’ attention. Elordi often brings to life earnestly vulnerable characters, while maintaining his signature intensity and emotive power. His signature selling point is his ability to go between the affable, funny and playful characters and the more dramatic and intense ones, which makes him vibrant and multifaceted as an actor.


In his short time in Hollywood, Elordi has racked up an impressive list of film and television roles. Here are some of Elordi’s notable roles in movies and TV shows:


•The Kissing Booth (2018)
•Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)
•Billionaire Boys Club (2018)
•Crawl (2019)
•The Mortuary Collection (2020)

TV Shows:
•Euphoria (2019-2020)
•Home and Away (2015-2017)

Future Projects

Currently, Elordi is working on a new HBO Max limited series with Zendaya, which will be helmed by Euphoria director Sam Levinson. He is also set to appear in the upcoming movie, The Power of the Dog, alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, and also stars in the movie 2 hearts, alongside Tiera Skovbye and Tiera Scovbye.


Jacob is also active in endorsing various brands and products. He notably partnered with Versace to be their brand ambassador in March of 2021, and he has also endorsed brands such as Vans, Gucci and Nike. Elordi is a perfect match for these brands, as he appeals to the young, vibrant and fashionable demographic.

The world is Elordi’s oyster, and he has already achieved great success in a short amount of time. Jacob Elordi has certainly made an impact in Hollywood, and with many exciting projects on the horizon, there is no doubt that he will be in the spotlight for a long time to come. The Australian import is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, and with his vibrant and diverse range of characters, he is showing us why he is becoming a household name.

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