No Way Home: Top Deleted Scene

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No Way Home: Top Deleted Scene Moments

As we all anxiously await the release of Marvel’s highly anticipated sequel, Spider-Man: No Way Home, questions still remain unanswered: What happened to the iconic Homecoming and Far From Home deleted scenes? Fans of the beloved and critically acclaimed series have been awaiting answers ever since these scenes were chopped away. After much reflection, the possibility of the scenes being altered or completely removed seems increasingly likely. The looming question is, what could the deleted scenes have contained and what impact can they have had on the movie? We’ve compiled a list of the top deleted scene moments that we may never get to see in the upcoming movie.


One of the most iconic scenes that viewers were almost certain to witness in Spider-Man: No Way Home was an introduction to Mysterio. Originally, Far From Home was to feature a dramatic, action-packed meeting between Peter Parker and Quentin Beck, who would later be revealed as Mysterio. Unfortunately, this scene was removed from the final cut, leaving fans wanting more. Instead, viewers had to be content with a simple introduction by Nick Fury in a post-credits scene. Some suspected that this scene was likely removed for the sake of pacing, but what impact could it have had on Mysterio’s introduction and his role as an antagonist?

The Underground Fight Scene

Far From Home was originally set to feature an iconic fight scene that was filmed in Prague, and this scene was expected to be one of the movie’s most thrilling moments. Fans could tell immediately that this scene was going to be epic, as it was filmed with zero-gravity wire work and boasted an amazing set design. It is believed that the scene was chopped away due to pacing issues, with viewers instead receiving an action-packed parkour scene in its place.

Flash Thompson’s Introduction

Spider-Man: Far From Home was set to be an intriguing chapter in the Spider-Man franchise as it introduces the themes of high school and the awkwardness that ensues. This included a scene featuring Flash Thompson, Peter Parker’s long-time bully, that was removed from the final cut. It is assumed that this scene was removed for time, as it did not quite fit the already established tone that was previously set. Removing Flash’s introduction seemed as if it would cause a disruption to the storyline but this was quickly smoothed out by featuring plenty of Flash-related aspects throughout.

The Oscorp Tower Scene

Spider-Man: Far From Home was intended to feature a much grander introduction for Oscorp Tower and the scene was sure to have gone down as an iconic moment in the movie. Unfortunately, the scene was cut in post-production and the movie instead only featured a very brief glimpse of the tower. Viewers were left feeling underwhelmed as the location was reduced to a simply establishing shot. What impact could this scene have had if it were featured in the movie?

The Bank Robbery Scene

One of Spider-Man: Far From Home’s most frustratingly absent scenes was the bank robbery scene. In the original script, the scene featured a much more daring robbery than the one that was featured in the film. This scene was filmed at the famous London Museum and featured an incredible stunt involving a leap onto a moving van. It is believed that the scene was cut in order to keep the movie at a certain length and remove certain aspects of the story that were deemed unnecessary.

Peter Parker’s Apology to Ned

A deleted scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home that was most heartbreaking to not see was Peter Parker’s apology to his best friend, Ned. The scene was intended to show Peter finally coming to terms with his identity and apologizing to Ned for not being completely honest with him. Many fans were disappointed that the heartfelt moment never made it to the big screen, as it would have undoubtedly been one of the movie’s most emotional scenes.

Peter Parker’s Goodbye

The original script for Spider-Man: Far From Home also featured a great moment between Peter Parker and Michelle Jones. The scene would have featured a much more emotional goodbye between the two and would have allowed for their relationship to be further developed. However, this scene was likely removed for pacing issues, as the movie already featured plenty of emotional and heartfelt moments.

The Village Scene

A deleted scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home that was intended to further develop the relationship between Peter Parker and Nick Fury was never seen by fans. This particular scene featured the two walking around a village and captured the real dynamic between the two characters. While the scene was likely dropped in order to keep the movie at a certain length, it was a shame to not witness the two discuss Spider-Man’s future.

The Final Battle

The climax of Far From Home featured an amazing battle between Spider-Man and Mysterio, complete with plenty of special effects and standout moments. The original script featured an even grander showdown between the two, taking place in an airport and featuring plenty of iconic characters from the Marvel universe. Unfortunately, this battle was scrapped in post-production and viewers had to be content with the much more scaled-down version that was included in the movie.

When Spider-Man: Far From Home was released, it managed to deliver an incredible film, with plenty of heart-warming and action-packed moments. Sadly, the movie contained a few deleted scenes that were either chopped away or completely removed due to time restraints. From these deleted scenes, viewers can assume that the movie could have contained plenty of iconic moments, character introductions and a fantastic ending that unfortunately never made it to the big screen. However, the movie still managed to deliver an incredible experience and, as fans eagerly await the release of Marvel’s latest installment, there is no doubt that it will be just as captivating and emotion-filled as the first two.

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