Grey’s Anatomy: The Cast’s Best Farewell Episodes

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Grey’s Anatomy: The Cast’s Best Farewell Episodes

Grey’s Anatomy has been one of the longest-running medical dramas on television. Over the course of fifteen seasons, the show has seen hundreds of characters enter and exit the medical world of Grey Sloan Memorial, often with dramatic and emotional episodes. With so many iconic moments, it can be tough to find the most memorable farewell episodes for each of the cast members that have left. Today we are looking back and sharing the top seven Grey’s Anatomy farewell episodes.

Grey’s Anatomy 

Grey’s Anatomy follows the lives of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her colleagues at the fictional Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The series has been met with both critical and audience acclaim, garnering an impressive range of awards including several Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy nominations over the course of its fifteen-season run. The show is known for its complex and evolving storylines, often involving love and drama. Many of the show’s main characters have stayed for multiple seasons and some of them even left at the conclusion of a memorable farewell episode.

Lexie Grey’s Emotional Goodbye 

Lexie Grey, portrayed by Chyler Leigh, entered the medical drama during the show’s fourth season. Lexie quickly became a fan favorite and her departure, at the conclusion of season 8, was met by an intense and emotional farewell episode. During the finale, Lexie was put in a difficult yet heartbreaking situation as she had to choose between her own life and that of her patient. Lexie chose to sacrifice her own life, a decision which left many fans in tears and cemented the memorable episode in our minds.

Katherine Heigl’s Explosive Exit 

Katherine Heigl played the fan-favorite Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens from season 1 to 6. For many fans, Izzie’s departure marked the end of an era. Her departure was highly dramatic, featuring an explosive finale that involved drug abuse, a botched surgery and a guilty plea. Izzie also ended up leaving the show with Alex who, in a way, followed her to a new adventure, after a long and complicated relationship.

Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw’s Refreshing Exits 

Sarah Drew played the beloved Dr. April Kepner during season 6-14 and her exit during the sixteenth season felt like a breath of fresh air. After a long and emotional fight to save a patient, the season ended with April discovering a newfound passion that shot her to a new, exciting journey.

Meanwhile, Jessica Capshaw’s departure was also quite refreshing. Her character, Dr. Arizona Robbins, found love with a new partner, a female delivered baby and a freelancing job. Dr. Robbins’ goodbye episode left fans feeling satisfied with how her character’s story wrapped up.

Caterina Scorsone’s Return 

Caterina Scorsone starred as the whip-smart Dr. Amelia Shepard for six seasons and her departure during season 13 was initially expected to be a permanent one. However, fans rejoiced to find that Amelia eventually returned with a refreshing storyline which sees her struggling with the realities of life.

The Ultimate Goodbye from Justin Chambers 

Justin Chambers tragically left Grey’s Anatomy earlier this year and goodbyes are often never easy, especially when it’s Justin Chambers (i.e. Dr. Alex Karev). As expected, Alex’s goodbye episode was heartbreaker. The episode featured a romantic reunion between Alex and Izzie, which led to a well-deserved heartfelt goodbye. Alex’s goodbye is sure to be remembered for a very long time.

Patrick Dempsey’s Surprising Goodbye 

The original McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Derek Shepherd, was unfortunately killed off in season 11. This unexpected departure shook fans and the goodbye episode left many of them deeply moved and broken. In the episode, several characters bid goodbye to Derek by spreading his ashes in his favorite spot – but only after a funny and memorable exchange between Derek and Meredith.

Overall, goodbye episodes often play an important role in the trajectory of a TV show. For Grey’s Anatomy, characters come and go, but their farewell episodes remain some of the show’s finest. From Lexie’s heartbreaking goodbye to Alex’s uplifting reunion, here are the seven best goodbye episodes in the history of Grey’s Anatomy.

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