Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin: Every Main Character

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It’s official – Pretty Little Liars has been a runaway success. After seven amazing seasons that unfolded over the course of seven years, fans of the show can safely say that they have witnessed the evolution of their beloved characters firsthand. And while the series ended with a bang and answered the show’s many questions, it doesn’t change the fact that the main characters of the show – Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, and Alison DiLaurentis – drastically altered their paths throughout their time on screen.

To get a better understanding of the sins of Pretty Little Liars original cast, keep reading and find out who committed what in the list below:

Aria Montgomery

 Aria Montgomery has always been a flawed character. She may be intellectual and trusting, but she is also known for embracing the gray area in life – something that does not always bode well for a young woman. Aria’s biggest sin is that she has been dishonest. Throughout the series, Aria has pushed the limits of lying to her parents, friends, and lovers, making her decisions without thought of the consequences. She also held dark secrets of her own, including a relationship with Ezra Fitz in the fourth season that she kept from her loved ones until it was far too late.

Spencer Hastings

 Spencer Hastings’ main sin is also her biggest strength – ambition. While it has been instrumental in helping Spencer pursue her academic passion and make her way into a career, it has also caused her to prioritize her own desires and ambitions over that of her loved ones. Spencer’s drive often left her feeling disconnected and isolated, exemplified by her affair with Toby Cavanaugh and her guilt-induced confession in season six.

Hanna Marin

 Hanna Marin is a trailblazer. She is the type of character well-known for her bravery and boldness, and while she is a talented fashion designer, Hanna’s biggest sin is trying to always be the hero. This often resulted in Hanna not thinking through her choices and left her friends questioning her loyalty and judgment.

Emily Fields

Emily Fields is an inspiring individual. She is strong, loyal and brave, but she is also well-known for taking risks that often do more harm than good. Emily’s naivety and determination to help often put her in the wrong situations and made her a target for A-time and time again.

Alison DiLaurentis

 Alison DiLaurentis is a complex character, but one thing is for certain: she is always looking out for number one. Alison’s biggest sin is manipulation. She has consistently used her charm and intelligence to manipulate her peers, often destroying their relationships and reputations in the process.

The Struggle with Sin

 Although the five girls of Pretty Little Liars have all committed some form of sin, ultimately their story taught viewers that it is possible to overcome adversity and learn from their mistakes. From Aria’s choice to embrace honesty to Alison’s awakening to the repercussions of manipulation, all five learned to make smarter decisions that help them as individuals and as a team.

Sin and Competitiveness

 In addition to being a show that explored the fallout of sin, Pretty Little Liars showed viewers the power of friendly competition. From Hanna’s modeling and fashion designs to Spencer’s successful academic career, all five girls were able to use their intelligence and ambition to break the rules and come out on top. This served as a lesson for viewers about the power of channeling one’s ambition in productive ways and recognizing when someone’s talents are being undervalued.

The Power of Friendship

 One of the most profound stories of Pretty Little Liars is how the characters’ individual sins ultimately strengthened their friendships. As the girls quickly began to recognize the power of their own mistakes, they also saw the importance of seeking guidance from each other and using their resources to build each other up. In addition, Pretty Little Liars also highlighted the importance of networking with those who have similar interests and building strong relationships.

The Impact of Pretty Little Liars 

From its inception, Pretty Little Liars has been a show with a unique identity, captivating its audience with complex storylines featuring everyday life with a sinister twist. Its characters have flaws, but also strength and courage that viewers have found inspiring and contagious. Through examining sin and the power of friendship and ambition, Pretty Little Liars has provided fans with a story of redemption and hope, something that all viewers can strive for each and every day.

Pretty Little Liars is an example of how television can address a variety of social issues, especially the ever-evolving roll of sin. Through examining each of the main characters’ struggles and growth, viewers now know the importance of understanding one’s own sins and how to recover from them. By showing how ambition can be channeled into something productive and how friendship is essential for conquering adversity, Pretty Little Liars has become more than a show – it’s a lesson for its viewers about the power of growth and redemption.

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