Every Cate Blanchett Oscar Nomination Ranked

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Every Cate Blanchett Oscar Nomination Ranked

The Academy Awards are a time for reflecting on the best films of the year. However, there are a few actors who come to mind when we think of the most-nominated performers at the event. One of the top contenders is Cate Blanchett, who has been nominated seven times and won twice.

Though Blanchett often receives praise for her work, all of her Oscar-nominated roles are not created equal. For those wondering which of her performances has been the best, here is a ranking of every Cate Blanchett Oscar nomination.

1: “Blue Jasmine”

In 2013, Blanchett earned her sixth Oscar nomination for her performance as a socialite who has a nervous breakdown in Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine”. Blanchett does a great job portraying a woman coming apart at the seams and she was the odds-on favorite for her heartbreaking work—earning her second career Oscar.

2: “Elizabeth”

Blanchett received her first Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I in “Elizabeth”. What makes Blanchett’s performance so memorable is her chemistry with co-star Geoffrey Rush and the intricacy of her take on the English monarch’s strength and insecurities. It’s clear why the Academy felt her performance worthy of notice.

3: “Aviator”

Blanchett earned her second nomination at the 78th Academy Awards for her performance in “Aviator”. In this Martin Scorsese classic, Blanchett portrays the famous movie star Katharine Hepburn opposite Leonardo DiCaprio’s Howard Hughes. Blanchett particularly excels at depicting Hepburn’s resilience in the face of Hughes’ mental illness.

4: “I’m Not There”

Blanchett’s third Oscar nomination came for her work playing Bob Dylan in “I’m Not There”. Directed by Todd Haynes, the biopic was jumping off point for Blanchett to show off her versatility by portraying Dylan in a variety of phases throughout the musician’s life.

5: “Notes on a Scandal”

In 2006, Blanchett earned her fourth Oscar nomination for her performance in “Notes on a Scandal” opposite Judi Dench. As Sheba Hart, a teacher who enters into an affair with a student, Blanchett uses her emotions to full effect in the drama.

6: “Carol”

Blanchett’s fifth Oscar nomination came for her performance in Todd Haynes’ “Carol”. As the titular character, Blanchett shines with her beautiful dichotomy of joy and sorrow in the story of a relationship between an older woman and a younger woman in 1950s New York.

7: “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”

Blanchett’s seventh Oscar nomination came for her reprisal of the role of Queen Elizabeth I in “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”. While the film isn’t as recognizable as the first, Blanchett brings all the same power to her Queen Elizabeth II that she did to the first performance.

It’s not surprising that Cate Blanchett has seven Academy Award nominations under her belt. From empathetic portrayals of Bob Dylan to understanding the vulnerabilities of one of England’s most beloved monarchs, Blanchett’s body of work proves that she is one of the best actresses of her generation and certainly worthy of recognition.

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