Pedro Pascal’s Last Of Us Performance Reviewed By Original Joel Actor

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Pedro Pascal’s Last Of Us Performance Reviewed By Original Joel Actor

Pedro Pascal is one of the most talented actors in the entertainment industry today, and his remarkable performance playing Joel in the HBO series The Last of Us is a testament to that. Even better, the HBO series was based on the popular video game of the same name, meaning it held true to its source material. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Pascal’s performance was met with rave reviews from fans of the game, but also from Troy Baker, the actor who famously portrayed Joel in the original game. 

Here, we review Pedro Pascal’s performance as the Last Of Us’ Joel, the character Baker helped to shape, and how it fits in with the enduring legacy of the franchise.

1. A Look at Pedro Pascal’s Performance as Joel

First, let’s look at Pedro Pascal’s performance as Joel. In the Last Of Us series, Joel is portrayed as a morally ambiguous protagonist who, while often uncertain of his own decisions, is guided by a deep love and respect for the children who are thrown in his life. From the coldness with which he greets his old friend, Tom, to his confrontational yet delicate moments with Ellie, Pascal portrays Joel with an emotional complexity that speaks to the character’s drive and his appreciation of the younger generation.

Pascal creates a believable representation of Joel, capturing both the struggles of an aging survivor and the warmth of a retired father figure. Throughout the series, Joel and Ellie’s dynamic is portrayed through subtle gestures and dialogue, but one moment stands out as especially remarkable for Pascal. During a tense and emotionally charged moment, Pascal says, “The last few months I’ve been feeling pretty alive,” and proves that he understands the character of Joel in a unique way.

2. Troy Baker’s Reaction to Pedro Pascal’s Performance

Naturally, the original Joel actor, Troy Baker, had something to say about Pascal’s portrayal of his beloved character. Baker has long stood by the fact that no one can truly emulate the character of Joel he created for the original 2013 game. However, his opinion shifted when we put Pedro Pascal’s performance under consideration.

When asked about his opinion on the matter, Baker said, “It was both breathtaking and heart-wrenching at the same time … Pedro did a tremendous job. He balanced finding a way to catch the same nuances of Joel and allowing himself to diverge, while still presenting a cohesive version of Joel that I couldn’t have imagined. He absolutely nailed the character in all of its dimensions.”

Despite hearing individuals call him and Pascal’s performances ”completely different” portrayals of Joel, Baker could only compliment and appreciate the performance; his glowing take on Pascal’s representation of Joel speaks to the sheer level of talent both performers possess.

3. How Joel Becomes an Icon

Of course, it takes more than two actors to create an icon. The Last Of Us’ Joel has been a beloved character since 2013, when the original game came out and Troy Baker first donned the role. So, what does Pedro Pascal bring to the table?

The answer is complicated but straightforward. Pascal’s performance builds on the foundation that was laid by Baker, but it doesn’t overshadow it; rather, it brings a unique perspective and humanity to the character. His version of Joel doesn’t ‘replace’ the original version of the character, but rather, it serves as a tribute to it. By considering both perspectives of the character, the audience can learn more about Joel over time and as the character’s life progresses.

4. What Pedro Pascal Brings to Joel

The key to any great performance lies in the actor’s ability to bring life to their character. Pedro Pascal does this brilliantly.

For example, the audience can better understand the ‘why’ of Joel’s actions throughout the HBO series. While Baker’s version of Joel has the same inner journey, Pascal allows us to understand the weight and gravity of his decision making based on the alternately desperate and hopeful situations in which his character finds himself.

Another great example of Pascal’s terrific portrayal is seen when Joel is in Ellie’s presence. Pascal allows us to understand the depth of emotion that lies beneath the surface, envisioning his character as a figure of both strength and tenderness. While Troy Baker captured these qualities in his portrayal of Joel, Pascal brings this concept further, providing the audience with an opportunity to step inside Joel’s head and truly understand the man behind the character.

5. The Long-lasting Legacy of Joel

It’ll be interesting to see how fans of the series respond to the combined performances of Troy Baker and Pedro Pascal; most likely, their love of the character will inspire a dramatic increase in the popularity of The Last Of Us, and possible future incarnations of the franchise.

In the meantime, it’s clear that both actors have made tremendous contributions to Joel’s enduring legacy. It’s safe to say that fans can continue to expect remarkable performances from both actors in the future, and that Joel’s journey will continue to captivate viewers for years to come.

Overall, it’s undeniable that Pedro Pascal did an amazing job bringing the character of Joel to life in HBO’s The Last Of Us. His performance was well-received by both fans and veteran actors, with original Joel actor Troy Baker describing it as both breathtaking and heart-wrenching.

What makes Pascal’s portrayal of Joel especially powerful is his ability to go beyond what Baker had already established and bring a unique humanity to the character. Through Pascal’s portrayal of Joel, we can step inside the head of the character and truly understand the man beneath it all.

As the franchise continues, we can expect more performances like Pascal’s and Baker’s, as long-time fans and newcomers alike will no doubt be entertained and captivated by these masterful portrayals for years to come.

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