X-Men Who Got Huge Power Upgrades in the Ultimate Universe

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The X-Men: Who Got Huge Power Upgrades in the Ultimate Universe 

In the Ultimate Universe, one of the biggest surprises (and often one to upset fans) was how much the power levels of characters had changed. Some characters went from low-level to incredibly powerful, while others became nearly unbeatable with their newfound upgrades. Let’s take a look at the X-Men who got the most incredible power-ups in the Ultimate Universe.


Beast was always one of the more popular, if not the most popular, X-Men in the original universe. But it was in the Ultimate Universe that his powers were taken to the next level. Instead of just a regular mutant, Ultimate Beast became a giant blue furry giant that could shapeshift between humans and animals with superhuman strength, agility, senses, and regeneration. He also had the power to increase his muscle strength to an astonishing degree and create telekinetic force fields.

Jean Grey 

Jean Grey gets a major power upgrade in the Ultimate Universe, surpassing her original level of power by a large margin. In the Ultimate Universe, Jean Grey was able to absorb cosmic energy, even from the source itself, and use it to enhance her own powers. Due to this, Jean Grey was able to become an almost immortal being, as she could survive any wounds and heal from any injury. Her newfound powers allowed her to use telepathy, psionic energy beams, and even take control of other mutant powers, making her one of the most powerful mutants to ever exist.


Iceman is taken up several notches in the Ultimate Universe in the form of Robert Louis Drake. This version of Iceman had the ability to not only create and manipulate ice, but also the ability to transform into an ice golem, an ice dragon, and even an ice storm. He was also able to turn his body into an invulnerable form of ice, making him even more powerful than he already was in the original universe.

Warren Kenneth 

Worthington III, aka Angel, became the Ultimate Genocide, Superior, when he was infused with mutant powers created by Apocalypse. With this he was not only able to fly, and possess superhuman strength, speed, and durability, but also had the power to teleport, as well as manipulate matter and energies on a molecular level. He also gained telepathy and the ability to transform himself into an incredibly powerful form of energy. This made him far deadlier, and far more powerful than his original version in the mainstream universe.


Wolverine is the perfect example of a character whose power level increases greatly in the Ultimate Universe. His new and improved version, James Howlett, was enhanced with a powerful healing factor and indestructible Adamantium skeleton, similar to his original form in the mainstream universe. However, he also had the added ability to absorb energy, direct it into electrical attacks, fire energy blasts, as well as shapeshift his body, making him far more powerful than ever before.


 Kitty Pryde is the recipient of a major upgrade in the Ultimate Universe. She went from a low level mutant to a powerful psychic powerhouse. In this universe, she could project her consciousness into different objects and create shadows of herself to travel through time and manipulate the space time continuum. She could also Phase Shift, teleport, and even control matter on a molecular level, making her one of the most powerful X-Men of all time.


Nightcrawler was always a powerful character in the mainstream universe, it was in the Ultimate Universe that he was taken to an entirely new level. His new version, Kurt Simons, was a powerful teleporter, capable of not only teleporting himself, but also the entire population of an entire planet if he wanted to! He was also able to transport entire star systems, as well as create temporary interdimensional portals, giving him almost limitless transportation possibilities.

Professor X 

Professor Charles Xavier was always a powerful character, but in the Ultimate Universe he was taken to a previously unheard of level. His newfound powers included being able to manipulate the memories of anyone, as well as control and manipulate the minds of anyone around him. On top of that, he developed the ability to psionically create new mutants, as well as create his own mutants. These extraordinary powers made him the most powerful mutant in the Ultimate Universe.


Magnus was already a powerful character in the original universe, but it was in the Ultimate Universe that he went from powerful to unstoppable. His new version, Kevin MacTaggert, was not only able to manipulate and project magnetic and gravitational forces, but was also able to manipulate time and space, giving him nearly unlimited power. He could move planets, create force fields, and even stop time, giving him almost unbelievable power.

The Ultimate Universe gave several of the original X-Men a staggering power upgrade, allowing them to become some of the most powerful mutants ever created. From Jean Grey’s immortal transformation to Magnus’s almost unlimited power, the Ultimate Universe gave us some of the most powerful versions of the X-Men we’ve ever seen, and it’s an experience that all comic fans should enjoy.

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